Tuesday, April 3, 2018

6.03: Baby Number Two?

Hello, hello!

It's been a while, but the MacDermott DITFT is back!

Last time: Demi got pregnant with and had baby Christina.

This time: Christina's a child and I flip a coin to decide if Demi's gonna have another baby.

Let's jump in, yeah?

Christina rolled Cheerful for her trait and wants to be a Social Butterfly. (I told you she probably wouldn't look the same this post!)

Just a woohoo, but this is about where the coin flip was done.

A quick mother-daughter shot before the results come in . . . . . . . . . . . .

No confetti, but the result is a big Y-E-S to another baby!

Christina has a B! :D

Their lives are uneventful, so third trimester belly!

Hi, Cam!

It's baby time!

Welcome to the family, Noah!

Some more work on the rocket.

Aw, no! You were being such an awesome kid!

Well, the multiple times of her autonomously taking out the trash and cleaning up and just taking awesome care of herself way overrules this one mess.

You're my favorite child right now.

She's even happy about having a little brother!

I caved and got Get Together and City Living off Amazon -- partially because Origin still isn't letting me buy things and because the instant access things off Amazon are like, half the cost of the EPs on Origin.

Anyway, the flea market was in and I was getting tired of the home lot, so Christina got to leave the house on her own for a while.

Oh, guess what time it is!

Green eyes! I repeat, Noah has green eyes!

He also rolled Angelic for his Toddler trait, but I'm more excited about the new genetics. Very close to naming our first male heir just for the fact there's no red hair OR brown eyes to be seen on this kid.

The family proceeds to be very cute, but also boring. May have them travel to Selvadorada just for some different scenery.

Actually, Demi's Adult birthday is coming up . . . If the promotion she's due for would just happen already, that'd be great.

So, as a promotion/birthday gift, Demi will get to travel on her own. The kids will stay home with a nanny/go to daycare or whatever while she explores. Because I wanna check out this new place. :D

Bath time for Noah!

Christina is an A student! With not quite a week 'till she ages up!

And suddenly she's a bear.

This picture is serving two purposes today:

1) It's Demi's birthday today!

2) Apparently she got a promotion and my game didn't tell me? So she's level nine now!

Happy birthdayyyyy tooooo yoooouuuuu . . .

Quick shot to show that Violet's still a nanny and gets along with Demi's kids very well.

And next time it should be all about Demi's time in Selvadorada!

So that's all for now! 

I will see you all next post! :D

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