Sunday, March 18, 2018

6.02: Cuties

Hello, hello!

Last time . . . again, not a whole lot. Cam completed her aspiration and topped her career, but that's about it.

This time: There should be a baby. :P

But let's jump into it, yeah?


. . . . . . . . . .


Evie's pretty happy to learn she'll be a mother.

. . . Yeesh. Two posts into Gen Six and Gen Seven's already on the way. Demi's already down to just over two weeks of YA-hood left, though.

Evie decided the best way to celebrate the coming of a new life would be to mourn Ashely.

Cam basically lives on free will these days. She's completed her aspiration, mastered three or four skills, topped her career . . . I just don't know what to do with her.

Promotion! :D

Annd mastered logic!

Demi's aspiration requires a rocket, so. We got one.

*Cue many many days before more gameplay -- but the wait means I got Laundry Day and Jungle Adventure, so. :D*

Welp, Cam. Looks like you get to do laundry now.

Demi is as stoic as all the other women have been, but it's baby time!

Welcome, Christina! :D

Workin' on that athletic skill.

Cam has to meet her granddaughter, even if Demi might prefer she didn't.

Oh. Oh, shit. I was distracted with my game volume waayyyyy down, so I totally missed the camera pan and everything.

No, Cam! :(

This is upsetting. :(

Oh, but this is kinda amusing. Demi can't mourn, but she can laugh at Cam's grave. XP

RIP Camilla MacDermott. You will be missed.

Age up cuddles!

Aww, isn't she cute?

She rolled Silly for her Toddler trait.

Cam's room got a little makeover for the baby.

Violet's back! And she's not an Irvin anymore, now she's a Goth.

But she's here to watch Christina while Demi's at work.

Oops! I just wanted to make the clothes not damp! ._.

. . . Hi, Evie. Glad to see that the glitch that makes a child's secondary parent try to become a member of the household if they're not already is still around.

You're kinda useless, though. Please go home.

And stop mourning Cam! You never even talked to her!

Naked baby! XP

She's so cute.

She's cute with the baby and with Demi when she bothers to do anything, but she really is not a big help. Masato and Roger were far bigger helps when they pulled this.

Such a cutie. <3


This is Jaylah. I don't remember these two ever meeting before, but she was already in Demi's relationship panel and Demi needs to do romantic interactions for work, so. This is who we're gonna flirt with.

. . . You don't know any of the family, please stop trying to mourn them.

A kiss and a woohoo, and then Jaylah's on her way.

. . . I'm very tempted to have Demi have another child. Just because. Having two generations in a row with only one kid seems kinda . . . meh.

I dunno. We'll see.

Since when do toddlers use spoons? Just a few pictures ago she was eating fistfuls! Now she has a spoon!

I mean, adorable, but also . . . wtf????

Dancing together. Because these two don't interact enough, frankly.

So, uh . . . I ended up playing up to Christina's birthday. O_O

She rolled Cheerful for her childhood trait -- and then my game stopped working when I tried to exit CAS, so she probably won't look quite the same next post.

I have some cousins to show off and then this post will end.

Ash's twins Quinton and Arianna.

Jaz's kids (I think? one is for sure, but I can't remember the other one?) Mandy and Davin. I think D might be adopted, but I'm not for sure.

So, that's all for this one!

Next time: Christina's CAS shot again, Demi will be aging up, maybe another baby? I kinda like Jaylah's genetics, so it's a real possibility.

I will see you all next post!

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