Wednesday, February 7, 2018

6.01: Cousins and Distant Relations

Hello, hello!

It feels like it's been ages but it's only been a couple days. Hm.

Last time: Not much happened, actually. Demi took the reigns, but hasn't done much. Cam's almost reached the top of her career, though!

So let's see what this post has for us, yeah?

 Ooh, cousins and distant relatives!

Trinity, Kaydence's eldest daughter.

Damion and Eleanor, Jalen's twins.

Joel and Maxwell, Zach's kids.

Hmm. Max was cuter as a child. Please let Zach and Shannon's genes mixed better with little Joel.

Quinton and Arianna, Ashely's twins.

Aidan, Traci, and Finnegan, Pedro's children.

Mandy, Jazlyn's daughter.

Kailyn, Madelyn's kid. Even though she's an elder, Christ.

Okay, main family now.

Cam is working out even though she's old and has maxed the fitness skill, and Demi's still playing chess with Gaelira.

BFFs with a Sim with the Good trait! :D

Promotion! Cam has topped the criminal career!

She's not even a full skill point away from maxing logic, but is only halfway through fitness. We're working on it.

Hi, Jalen!


. . . I may or may not have used MCCC to look for an elder due to die. ((I am determined to not look at Cam, though.))

Ashely's time is up, apparently.

That does not mean I personally was prepared. She and Cam were my favorites of generation five. :(

But hey, if you can't tell from the fading criminal mask there, Cam's aspiration is complete!

I'm still sad, though.

Demi gets home from work and invites one of her potential datemates over.

Can you guess which one?

. . . . . . . . . !

If you said Evie, you were right. I figured out what my dumb ass was missing last time I tried this -- I have MC WooHoo now, and same-sex pregnancy is enabled.

However, by the time I realized all of this, it was around 3 am, and the game needs to be restarted for the setting to actually set, so.

Next post there shall be a TFB.

But, before I go . . . Kaydence's triplets aged up:

. . . Colette and Kade kinda got the short end of the gene stick. Which sucks, because Kaydence and Rosalie are really pretty, so I have no idea what happened. O_O

((And, looking at Trinity's picture in the beginning . . . why did Kaitlyn's hair color change to black? I thought she was supposed to be blonde when I was in there, but screw it. Genetic variety!))

Oh my god there are like no pictures here of the part of the family you're actually reading for. This post is like 85-90% cousins and distant relatives. I'll work on that.

That's all I got right now. It's late and I need my sleep, so I'm told.

Next time: Baby! And I dunno what else. We'll find out together.

I'll see you all later!

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