Sunday, February 4, 2018

6.0: I Like Her Face

Hello, hello!

Can you believe we're over halfway through this challenge now?

 . . . Actually I started this in May of 2017. It should probably be further along than this, if not finished already.

But whatever. Halfway!

Last time: Anderson died, Cam almost completed her aspiration, and Demi aged up.

This time: Demi begins her reign!

Let's get started!

Violet only calls at night to come over, so usually I say no because everyone's asleep. But Demi's social is low and her energy's not too low, so.

((And yes I did age Violet down to YA ages ago -- because I learned I like her a lot back when Demi was a toddler -- so she's not an Elder yet.))

Cam's wardrobe was changed a bit, since her Elder birthday is just a few days away.

More working on her handiness. She needs one more skill point before she can be promoted.

. . . I took this for a reason . . . what was it?

Well, she's skilling, too.


Also, lovely face, Demi.

She needs charisma for work, and she gains this skill really quick, jeez.


That's a goal for Gen Six done, and all but one thing for Cam's aspiration.

. . . I need an Elder to hang out by their house and die while Cam's home.

. . . Hey, Demi?

You left the fridge open.

I know you weren't raised in a barn, so what's your excuse?


Happy Birthday, Cam!

I missed the candle picture because my game suddenly started playing a little shit, but Cam's old now!

This is Evie Delgato. I like her face. I am very tempted.

But first I need to check the MCCC settings to see what the settings are on same-sex pregnancy to make sure it'd be Demi carrying -- because with that age difference, Evie isn't moving in.

((And then my game started running even more shit, so save + exit annd reopen . . .))

Getting some flirting in -- after learning all three of her traits, as the optional goal states.

She is very receptive.

((Not TFB . . . the option isn't available, even though I know I have same-sex pregnancy enabled? Hmm.))

Welp. Off to the park, I guess. We'll play in the fountain.

This is Eiren -- an OC that I plan to use for the next challenge I do -- which will be the Trailer Park Teens Challenge.

I was excited to make them, so I have the lot and the household in my library now, even though I won't be playing it until this one is done.

So enjoy Eiren's cute with me for now. ((Which is weird to say because the actual character would never be described as cute by anyone -- except maybe the antagonist in a super condescending way.))

Playing in the fountain again -- but with company this time.

Hmm. Hi, Jayson. You're interesting. ((And married, apparently.))

Hi, Riyor! 

Oh, married but receptive! Well. Far be it from me to not take advantage.

We invited him to stay the night. Still not a TFB -- she still has almost twenty days until her YA birthday, so I think I'll wait 'till we're a little closer to that before having a baby.

He left in the morning, but Gaelira called asking to come over. She's only a Teen, but they became really close friends back when Demi was a child, and I think Gaelira got the Good trait when she aged up, so they can totally be BFFs.

I just gotta get them there.

((Then my game started running super shit again, so it was shut down for the night.))

I think that'll be it for tonight, as it's after two in the morning. So we got a Cam birthday and two romantic interests. If I can get the same-sex TFB working we're absolutely keeping with Evie, but otherwise Jayson will do. :P

Next time: Who knows? Maybe my game will run well long enough to get around to baby and birthdays?

I will see you when we get there!

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