Thursday, February 1, 2018

5.06: This One Passed Quickly

Hello, hello!

Again, nothing to say, so  . . .

Last time: Dixie died while we were off the home lot :(, Cam and Anderson got promotions, and Demi got an A in school.

Let's see what happens today!

Wait, wait.

Anderson, no.

This is NOT how I wanna start this post!

Dammit, Anderson. Y'had to die as soon as I opened the game, didn't ya?

'Kay, Grim. You did your job. You can go now!

Thank you!

This is Kaci, a friend of Demi's.

Which, by the way, Demi only knows girls, really. Most of the men she knows are related to her. Think she's trying to tell me something?

Roped Kaci into a game of chess.

Right before he died Anderson rolled a wish for a pool, so they got one.

Sad Camilla.

This stray's name is apparently Shiloh -- I was super confused when I got a notification that Cam and Shiloh were acquaintances. Thought maybe ghost-Shiloh had come out during the day or something.

Don't die. You're too young to join Anderson.

. . . Why do you continue to make only single servings? It's not just you in the household anymore -- hasn't been for a long time.

Working on Cam's aspiration, finally. Now that she's mastered logic, fitness, and mischief -- and her Elder birthday's in a week, oops -- it's time to buckle down on that.

Meanwhile, Demi ages up in a day, so her room gets a bit of a makeover.

Yes, with a cradle, even if it is a while before she actually has a kid. Which it may not be. There's an optional goal for Gen Six to have a child as a YA, but not get married until Adult stage.

Getting that fitness up as high as possible while she's a Teen.

Promotion! She's level nine now!

Her aspiration requires handiness and making something on the workbench, so. We got one.

Birthday cake!

More aspiration stuff. Now we just need . . . crap, I think she just needs two more declared enemies and to witness a death.

. . . And her husband already went. Dammit. I'm gonna have to lock someone in one of their bathrooms or something, aren't I?

I forget what Cam was making, but FIRE!

Why can no one cook all of a sudden?

Demi saves the day.

And then she blows out the candles while Cam goes to shower.

She rolled Good to add to her traits, and immediately joined the Secret Agent career.

So that's all for the main family this post. Now we have more relatives to show off.

Sawyer, Madelyn's youngest daughter.

Arya, Gerard's youngest.

Janice and Sierra, Gerard's step-daughters.

And Kolby, Gerard's eldest biological kid.

Tomas, Connor, and Melany, Howard's triplets.

The boys still look super weird.

Tevin and Silas, Miracle's twins.

Traci, Pedro's current youngest. He may or may not have another coming.

Quinton and Arianna, Ashely's twins. After which, she must have aged up to Elder almost immediately.

Damion and Eleanor, Jalen's youngest. (Armani's a YA now, but I wanted to see more Jalen and Kimber babies so I marked Kimber for pregnancy when I saw her walk by the house. We'll just say the twins were their mid-life crisis kids, yeah?)

Okay, so I think that's all of them. Or most, anyway. There are like, thirty kids and more are always coming.

Next time: It'll be a Gen Six post! We'll still be working on Cam's aspiration because it's so close to being finished, and we'll peek around for potential mates. I really like Evie Delgato -- big eyes and a unique nose, despite the lack of diversity in her other features. But we'll see. Demi doesn't even know her right now, and she's an Adult, so she may not get to meet her.

So, I will see you next post!

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