Wednesday, January 31, 2018

5.05: Since When is THIS a Thing?!

Hello, hello!

I don't have anything to say here, so we're just gonna go straight to a recap of last post and into today's. :P

Last time: Demi aged up, Shiloh's ghost came out but didn't do anything but make me sad, Dixie got old and then sick.

Let's see what happens today!

Anderson starts us off with a promotion! He's . . . level eight, I think? Might be level nine, since he came into the household already pretty high in his career.

Just felt like I had to show that about 80% of the people Demi knows are related to her. (And then half her contacts disappeared until she went back to school and met some of them again.)

This one's just because Cam's really pretty.

And because she's in her Adult stage but didn't even get the like, smile lines around her mouth like Sims usually do? So for a second I was like 'hold up, is she still a YA?' but no. Just a wrinkle-less Adult.

Promotion! She's almost at the top!


She needs handiness for work ((coulda sworn it was fitness, but whatever)), so she's upgrading the sink.

. . . I was gonna praise you for cooking food for yourself, but . . .

At least she put it out.

Working on their skills.

She actually used her desk for homework! :D

This is Shadow, a stray that will probably never come around again, but I saw cute dog and sent Demi out.

Oh, and this is Erica, the super distant relative that popped out little Grady.

She's somewhere around level three here, but since she's clumsy she's still always tripping on the treadmill.

O_O Barely onto level four of the fitness skill but she's already a lot slimmer than she was when she aged up. Jeez, Sims.

Playing chess but also arguing -- actually, Cam autonomously decided to insult Demi, and Demi didn't fight back.

. . . Didn't really mean to get a picture of the achievement. This was meant to show that Cam mastered Logic! :D

And Demi came home with an A!

Gaelira invited her over for her birthday. This is Gaelira's older sister Allisa. ((Another OC, Allisa was adopted many years before Gaelira was born.))

The caterer has not made a cake, but she has made about five different meals.

The three members of the household. ((And oh, Gaelira will be getting a makeover later.))

The redhead in the middle is Amnestria -- in canon she's a pirate who somehow gets pulled into some kind of revolution and is just continually 'how and why and please just pay me I didn't sign up for this'.

Back on the home lot and -- WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?

Since when can anyone DIE when you're not on the lot????

It took me a while to find the urn -- and I thought Shiloh's had disappeared and was gonna be super upset, but I found both of them.

RIP Dixie. If I'd known you were gonna die I wouldn't have gone to Gaelira's party. :(

It looks like she's just reading a book. Really, we're putting a little bit of effort into her aspiration. Which I've not really done, in case you haven't noticed. The aspirations aren't that big a part of the game for me like they seem to be for other simmers.

 And okay, shorter than usual, but that's okay.

Anderson's due to die soon and Demi and Cam will be aging up in a couple Sim-weeks and I wanna stretch out Cam's rule as much as I can because this gen went way too quickly.

But, hey, Kaydence's triplets aged up! And several more Gen Six babies were born -- we're up to about 30 kids now, and Jazlyn had her first one so Gen Seven's technically started as well.

But here are the triplets:




They're cuties! And it looks like Colette and Kade got the MacDermott nose -- Kaitlyn must have Rosalie's.

But okay! For tonight that is all!

Next time: Probably Anderson's death, Demi might get a job to try and compensate for the loss of his 1,000 simolean + pay . . . I dunno. We'll see.

I will see you all next time!

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