Friday, January 26, 2018

5.02: Runaway

Hello, hello!

I know, lots of posts many days in a row. Partially to make up for the two months with nothing, and partially because I'm out of a job, so. I have time, all of a sudden. Just not money.

But, okay, Sims.

Last time, there was baby Demi, who aged up into an adorable, non-redheaded toddler, and Anderson adopted a cat. Oh, and Cam and Anderson finally got engaged and married.

This time . . . I'm not sure what we're gonna do.

Oh, but I managed to get MCCC back! I missed it, for that brief time without it. Now to just redo all my settings . . .

But let's get into the game, yeah?

The independent trait is my favorite trait. Demi pretty much potty trains herself.

Dixie keeps getting skunked. She got skunked twice this time, gross.

D'aww. Shiloh usually camps out on Cam's side of the bed in the other bedroom, but now that Demi's in the toddler bed, she sleeps here most of the time.

I didn't mean to get the UI. 

. . . . Anderson. Where the hell are you -- why do you and Cam want to put Demi outside so badly? FEED HER BEFORE SHE GETS TAKEN AWAY.

Finally. Jesus.

AWW. Everything is made better by hugging Shiloh.

Ew, Dixie! Stop that!

The nanny's back. Her first name is Violet.

She comes a lot -- Demi actually has a higher relationship with her than she does either parent, which is terrible but also good for these two generations. XP

Uh . . . XD

I apologize for the excessive pictures, but I was dying.

Demi's sleep schedule is as bad as her parents'. Totally thrown out of wack since they both work graveyard shifts.

Also, Cam is always. Tired. Between her late shifts and doing most of the caretaking of Demi and the pets, she does not get enough sleep.

But sometimes that results in cute little shots like this.

Bath time!

Dixie ran away! Noo!

Anderson's putting out an alert.

Oh, noo. Toddlers (and probably children?) can ask if the missing pet is ever coming back, and they cry while they ask. I knew it was gonna kill me.

*Days later*

Daddy's much better at the playing thing than the nanny.

DIXIE! You pain in the ass, you're back!

Had to welcome her back -- and she even brought home a squeaky toy.

What are you . . . get down, it's past Demi's bedtime.

This is Franklin . . . someone's dog. A MacDermott, I know, but I don't remember what household I stuck him in.

Caved and bought the toddler tablet.

The household funds dropped pretty drastically when Cam moved out, so there's not exactly the 90+ K anymore. They're not even at 20k right now.

Brief shot away from main family -- MCCC notified me that Zach's daughter aged up. She's a cutie! And Mean, apparently.

Oh, and I peeked at the family tree because there are a lot of people in town with the last name MacDermott all of a sudden and somehow Micah ended up with two kids with a different last name?

And then he married a Ben MacDermott (no idea how he's related, yikes) and died.

Oh, and my game randomly brought back spouses and spouses' parents from past gens? I have no idea what's going on, because I haven't seen these Sims, but according to the family tree I have a hella old Don Lothario running around.


Shiloh got old! :( I don't want her to be old!

Okay, seriously, why do they congregate around Demi? Shiloh, at least, has been trained out of waking Sims up, but this was cute the first couple times, now it's just 'leave her alone'.

Promotion! Since Anderson is in the Oracle branch, Cam went into the Boss branch.

I think that'll be it for this post.

Next time: Demi will be aging up! Cam will probably age up to Adult, and possibly Anderson to Elder? I've not checked his bar at all, so I dunno for sure. More focusing on Cam maxing logic/fitness because those have fallen to the side in favor of mischief for promotions.

See you later!

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