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5.04: Birthdays!

Hello, hello!

Welp. I went CC hunting for toddler/infant stuff initially, and then it quickly turned into 'ooh traits and tattoos, gimme'. And then devolved into 'CC for everyone but toddlers'. Whoops.

Maybe I'll find toddler stuff I like later.

Last time: Demi and Cam aged up, Shiloh died (D:), and we saw a bunch of MacDermott relatives that are mostly only kind of related to the main family.

This time: . . . Well. More relatives, but also probably Anderson's birthday and maybe Demi will age up to Teen?

Let's go ahead and find out, yeah?

Got the notification that she had school in an hour and had an 'oh crap your homework' moment. Getting as much done as she can before she has to go.

Poor Anderson. He comes home super tired a lot because the Criminal career has terrible hours.

She brought home a school project -- Cam helped until I remembered that a gen 6 goal is to fight/becomes enemies with parents.

Been working on getting relationship down through the last half of Demi's childhood. It'll just get worse when she's a teen.

Damn, Kaydence. Doin' well for yourself.

Somewhere in this house there are three bassinets.

Found 'em.

They'll be introduced at the end of this post.

. . . . I chose a bad place for the monkey bars, I know.

That's okay, though, Demi won't stay on them more than a few minutes at a time, anyway.

No real reason for this pic, tbh.

I just really like her work outfit.

I heard ghostly barking . . . uh. Shiloh? You okay?

I put her urn on one of the balconies lacking doors, assuming it'd be like when a human Sim dies and the family would be constantly mourning and the ghost could do whatever.

Not so, apparently.

Anderson's pampering Dixie.

Shiloh, now you're just making me sad. I'll find a new place for your grave, okay?

She finished her project!

DOn't die, Cam.

She's got an A! Just in time for her birthday on Monday! I was sure she'd be my first non-A student to age up in forever.

Dixie ran away again . . .

She got her mischief where it's supposed to be for work, so now we're focusing on fitness.

So we have two birthdays coming up. Can you guess whose this is for?

Family breakfast!

And here you can see the relationship-lowering methods of the simmer.

Bad angle, but Dixie came home! Anderson welcomes her back.

You best leave that cake alone, missy.

If you guessed it was for Anderson, you were right! He's turning old.

Yeah, keep looking cocky. Thank god you're in the Oracle track of your career. Pretty sure fitness comes in at some point, doesn't it?

Dixie got old, too.

Demi's playing the arithmetic game, but I don't remember why I took this picture specifically.


Also remembered she needs to be BFFs with someone with the Good trait, and I think a child with that lives here!

This little squirt is Gaelira -- an OC of mine, yes -- and oh, crap no she doesn't have the Good trait I forgot.

Will probably still be friends because she's adorable.

Cake 2! Can you guess this one?

Aw, man. I missed the shot, but Dixie was playing with the feathery thing! I was just wondering if that/the green hammock thing was ever actually used by the cats or just there for aesthetics. Half of that question has been answered.

Still working on fitness.

YAY! Mastered! There's half the skills she needs to master. Now for logic, and probably mischief, just for the job.

Oh, there's the cake. It was for Demi this time.

And here she is as a Teen!

She gained the Clumsy trait, and some weight, wow. I got too used to my Sims aging up scrawny -- but she almost mastered her motor skill, and that usually results in slim Teens, right?

Oh, well. She's supposed to master fitness like her mother, so it won't be there long. Her aspiration is Nerd Brain.

Autonomous homework!

. . . Demi?

I think she's stuck, and several resets haven't fixed it.

*Removes from household*

*Puts her back*

That seems to have fixed her! Yay!

Getting started on that fitness skill.

Oh, no, Dixie!

We're off to the vet!

Hi, Zach! And Opie, his dog!

Oh, Dixie. Get inside, the vet will make you feel better.

See? All better!

And then my game crashed on the loading screen between vet and home. Luckily I saved right before going to the vet, so I didn't lose too much!

That's it for the main family tonight, though. Now we have cousins and then maybe bed for me because it's around 2 am.

Tevin, twin #1 of Miracle's.

Maxwell, the younger of Zach's kids.

Maura, the elder of Zach's kids.

Silas, twin #2 of Miracle's.

Josephine, Pedro's daughter.

Kaitlyn, Colette, and Kade -- Kaydence's triplets.

Janice and Sierra, Gerard's step-kids. (Or maybe adopted by his wife? Since adopted kids never show both halves of a couple as the parents? I can't remember what their notification was, though.)

Sawyer, Madelyn's youngest.

Trinity, Kaydence's eldest.

Tomas, Connor, and Melany. Mel is much cuter than her brothers -- they look like aliens.

((Actually, looking at them now, the boys look like this Sim I had in Sims 3 -- he was the cutest child in the house (out of three siblings), then he aged up to teen and the first thought I had was 'he looks like a fish!' Mel's brothers look like my Sims 3 fish boy.))

OKAY, so that's all I have this time.

Next time: Who knows? Hopefully Cam mastering logic/mischief, Demi getting an A, working on her own required skills . . . having only one child makes the generation pass way too quickly. Like, we're only on the fourth post of Cam's generation and Demi's almost ready to take over.

But okay, gonna post this, read a little more of this ISBI I've been reading, and then go to bed.

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