Monday, January 22, 2018

4.11: Birthdays!

Hello, hello!

Last time: The twins aged up and we introduced the dilemma of heir. Ash is a fave of mine, but Cam is quickly becoming one. Also lots of stuff that my computer didn't want to load pictures for.

This time: Summarizing what happened last time, and triplet birthday! And probably the Adults', too.

So -- since pictures don't want to work . . .

Kimber was found in household management and given hair and clothes. She's super pretty and I really hope she's not too far off from Jalen's age.

She and Jalen flirted and kissed and messed around, and then she went home. Hopefully next time they chat I can find the ask to be girlfriend interaction.

Cam made almost friends with a stray dog named Brook! If she becomes friends with the pupper we're gonna adopt it because it's really cute.

Ash and Cam both managed to get their grades up to an A -- Jalen's still a C student and Mads and Zach are both B students.

Okay! I think that's pretty much everything! So . . .

Onto the birthdays! I lied. First, lemme show you Micah's triplets.

This one's Gerard.

So this would be Brodie.

And Kaydence.
Okay, I'm good. Now we can go back to the main family's triplets.

Gotta make the cake.

Jalen rolled Active as his YA trait, and was pretty much immediately moved out.

Mads rolled Gloomy, and her childhood trait of insider was replaced with Cat Lover since I don't have Get Together at the moment and it let me do so. :P

And Ash rolled Self-Assured.

She and Mads moved in together in Willow Creek or Oasis Springs while Jalen moved in with Kimber and her family in the Bay.

Which, oh yeah, look at Kimber, she's adorable: 

She and Jalen will have at least one adorable child when she ages up to YA.

So, that means Camilla is the Generation Five heir!

Well, don't look so excited, Cam.

This could be difficult . . . she knows very few boys, and most of them are somehow related to her. We might be adopting a baby this gen. XP

Zach invited Annabeth over again. She's lovely, really.

It just clicked, a few days off from the twins' YA birthday, that Cam needs to master fitness and logic for Gen Five goals.

Cute teen alert! This is Lyric and she's super cute.

((Spoiler: nothing comes of it before Zach ages up.))

You get three guesses as to whose cake Kala's making right now.

. . . .

If you guessed Kala, you were right! Her bar was sparkling because I totally forgot it was her birthday until Tyler's notification came up.

Don't die don't die don't die

1) Elder Kala

2) Radio broke so she's fixing it.

Oh, look, it's another birthday!

Can you guess whose this time?

. . . . . . .

It's Tyler's. She's old now. 

Okay, Cam is already really tiny. I don't think I like her having to master fitness.

Kala got a promotion!

If I still had City Living she would've been at the top of her career by now.

More working out. I think she's at level four for both required skills.

Yet another cake!

We all know whose birthday it is now, right? There are only so many eligible Sims.

Zach rolled Art Lover for his YA trait.

He's going to keep living with Kala and Tyler in this big old house.

Cam rolled Bookworm, and she's going to start anew in the Bay.

As far as this post goes, I believe we're done.

((It gave me so much trouble, ugh.))

Next time: New house! Puppy! Spouse hunting!

I will see you all then! :D

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