Tuesday, January 23, 2018

5.0: Shiloh

Hello, hello!

Last time: Everyone had a birthday, Jalen was moved in with his sort of SO, Mads and Ash moved in together and Cam was declared heir.

This time: Puppy! Wandering the Bay and hunting for dudes that Cam is not related to.

 Let's see here . . .

The inside of the house Cam moved into.

First thing she does is go to adopt a dog, of course.

Aww! Look how cute she is!

There's an adoption evaluation first, so we select adopt again . . .

Welcome to the family, Shiloh!

And the picture Cam took for Simstagram. :P

The welcome wagon came -- Cam moved into the house across the street from Brent and Brant Hecking.

. . . One of them is making a better impression than the other.

That ball is almost bigger than Shiloh is and it's adorable.

Hey, you, there's a huge dog bed inside for you.

There we go, Cam called for her to lie down on it.

All the love. <3

Shiloh does a lot of sitting and watching. It looks a lot like the Sims 3 'guard the house' interaction.

Shiloh's sparkling. Birthday?

Birthday! She's so cute!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Another Simstagram post.

She fits this bed a lot better now.

Cam's pampering her on the couch. It's so cute!

Out for a jog. All the jogs.

Also all the training.

She learned how to play fetch! :D

Aww, gross! Stepped in the poop on her way to bed.

. . . Shiloh so cute. <3

Promotion! The first happy promotion picture . . . possibly ever. Usually my Sims are exhausted/hungry/smelly/just in a bad mood when they come home from work.


Shiloh keeps coming into the bathroom and staring at the tub, so she gets a bath.

Annd it's been several days since Cam's birthday and she's not talked to anyone but her dog.

I had her meeting her coworkers a while back, so we're gonna invite one of them over.

This is Anderson Meshram. Please ignore his lack of clothes, I'll fix it in a bit.

!!! Not redheaded or brown-eyed! He's ours!

He's receptive, at least.

 . . . . . . Thank you, but let Cam chat you up some more.

Lots of chatting and a little bit of flirting later, she asks him to move in.

Here he is up close.

And Shiloh! She got a collar for her everyday and the harness for her walks.

. . . . It's still arguable who Cam spends more time with.

Working on getting their pink bar up.

They're cute.

Just woohoo, no babies just yet.

Even though he ages up to Adult in a few days. -_- I didn't mean to start the big age gaps again, dammit.

He plays with Shiloh while Cam works out.

Shiloh can't decide if she likes this new guy.

. . . How can you stand to be that close to her, Anderson? She reeks.

. . . I don't remember what this picture's for.


This is only the second time I've seen Shiloh on the couch by herself. She usually lays on the floor.

Now it's a TFB.

It started out as walking Shiloh, and turned into Anderson using Oli to raise his mischief skill for work.

. . . Shy . . .

Why does this look so sad to me?

Can you guess what day it is?

I was gonna wait and let the game tell me in its own time, but I ran out of patience. So, baby!

Dad's reaction.

Happy birthday!

Somewhere around here he rolls a whim to marry Cam, so hopefully I remember to do that.

Training her to play dead.

And Anderson deciding he can walk her -- he has 8 hours before his shift and his energy's fine, while Cam has 1 and is exhausted.

Oh, I'm out of pictures. Cool. So, that's it for this post!

Next time: Baby! Possibly a cat for our Cat Lover, here. A super casual wedding? I guess we'll find out, won't we?

See you all later!

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