Thursday, January 18, 2018

4.10: Strays!

Hello, hello!

It has been a very long time, oh my god. I'm sorry, but between NaNo, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the new job and family drama, Sims was just not happening.

((Not even taking into account how slow my game was being for a while there . . .))

But I'm back now! Short a couple (most) packs, but with Cats & Dogs, which is super exciting. ((Did anyone else have a super long download time? Or am I just impatient?))

So! Last time, basically nothing happened because it was like eight pictures and then months of me just not opening the game.

This time: Birthdays. Maybe the adoption of a pet. (But that might not happen until our heir is chosen, just because.)

So, let's get into this and see!

Madelyn is going through a distant phase, so we called up this lovely lady, Annabeth, for company over in Brindleton Bay.

. . . Annabeth abandoned her, so she started chatting up the whole bar.

Oli! This is an OC -- kind of mine, mostly my friend's -- a friend of Luke's, and his name is Oleander.

And this is Maija! I don't remember if she's been introduced yet, but she's also Luke's friend. Oli is the post-college roommate, Maija's the childhood bestie.

Eventually Mads is too tired to stay, so home she goes.

It's after curfew, but Jalen's short on non-family members in his relationship panel. This is Kimber! Well, the back of her head . . . I'll have to try to find her in household management, because she's walking around missing a lot of clothes.

Cam went to play with the makeup again. She's only a couple days off from being too old to do it, now.

One teen napping, one eating, and the two children playing with their toys.

Kala's been promoted!

. . . This is Cam. Can you tell what phase she's in?

Thank god she's gonna be a Teen soon.

They don't look it, but the twins are A students! :D

Zaachh. D: Why?

Yes, sit in time out, you brat. Watch your brother do his homework.

Annd then my laptop died and closed the game, so let's see when I saved last . . .

Oh, good, didn't really lose anything at all. :P

 School projects.

And ugghhhhh. Only like, 10 of the 50-some pictures I took want to work now. Whhy.

It's the twins' birthday! Only Cam's candle picture is willing to work.

Here's Zach. He got the Music Lover trait and wants to be a Joke Star.

Oh my god she's so pretty look at her!

And Miss Camilla. She got the Glutton trait and aspires to be a Musical Genius.

The two competitors

Welp. I thought for sure Ashely was going to be heir, because I love her a lot. But Cam is super pretty and I love her a lot, too.

So, next gen is the criminal gen -- it has a required trait for the heir that the trait randomizer I use has not given to any of the kids. However, Zach and Cam were both generated YA traits that came in packs I no longer have, so it would be simple enough to give her the Mean or Evil trait the challenge wants.

But I was also looking forward to the new eye color that Ash would bring in -- five generations of red hair and brown eyes, y'all, I'm kinda sick of looking at 'em.

Hmm. We'll see what happens.

He had to pee, so I sent him to the bathroom . . . which is not where he ended up. What are you doing in here, Jalen? Detour like that and you deserve to pee your pants.

Also, hi Cayla!

Promotion! She got three in one play session, but I think this is the only picture of the last couple that wants to work.

This thing is never empty. The whole house is addicted.

Ash wants to be pretty even in her sleepwear. XP

Zach was feeling playful, so I figured he could do a painting about it.

Cam went out to the Bay again and -- Mayor Whiskers! How cute is this kitty?

She also introduced herself to this smelly cat. It got skunked.

And that's the last of the cooperative pictures. Hm. Maybe the others will work in a post of their own? Because I've got Jalen's seduction of Kimber, and Cam calling over the stray dog she met and giving it a bath, and a couple A students . . . We'll see.

Next time: The triplets will be aging up! Cam and Ash shall battle for heirship! Probably Kala and Tyler birthdays as well!

Now, I'm off to my sister's for a few days, so . . .

Until next time!

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