Wednesday, January 24, 2018

5.01: Tots and Pets

Hello, hello!

Last time: Cam got a puppy and a boyfriend and then got pregnant.

This time: Baby! Hopefully not multiples. Kitty? Wedding? Oh, and probably spare updates. Each of the triplets has a kid, so.

Let's get into it, yeah?

First, spare kids!

This is Armani, and he's Jalen and Kimber's.

Here's Jazlyn, Mads' kiddo.

Mariana, Ash's girl.

And, yup, Zach had a little girl, Maura. Figured since his twin is about to birth a small Sim, he could have one, too.

Annd that's a lot of girls. Note to self: add more boys to this save.

Anyway, now we can go to the main family.

Another Simstagram post of adorable Shiloh.

Using the fact she can still use the punching bag while pregnant, since there's no other athletic thing she can do right now.

I think it's time for the kitty! An adult, though, because I'm not having them carry a kitten around like Cam had to do with Shiloh.

Here's the adoption agent . . . where's the cat?

There she is!

And wow she does not like you, Anderson. ((He needs a nickname, and I don't wanna use Andy help))

He tries to smooth things over with a laser pointer.

It must have worked. Kitty is much happier with him from here on out.

Welcome to the family, Dixie! You're cute!

Simstagram pic.

Hmm . . . I should discourage the counter hopping.

But nah. I let my real life kitty do it, so you can, too.

Oh, yeah, this is actually Anderson requesting a song from his vocal cat.

Sent her out to prowl.

The cat's growing on Cam, it seems.

There is a bed of a size appropriate for your tiny self on the other side of the room. That is for Shiloh.

Baby bump! Because she's only gonna be pregnant once and you can never have too many bump pics!

Hi, Kimber. And Micah!

Autonomous affection! <3

Dixie has no idea what he wants her to do with this toy.

. . . Probably should have chosen a different room for this, but even though their schedules line up pretty well, they don't do much talking through the day.

So. Bathroom proposal!

Another bump pic!

Like the view?

I imagine it'd be better if you weren't staring at the cabinet.

*Gasp* DIXIE!

Aww, Shiloh looks so sad!

What the hell, Dixie?

I think I need to move the food bowls away from each other, because there is no 'scold for growling at pet that walks by while you're eating' interaction.

I forgot why I took the potty pic, then I scrolled down a little further.


Hospital! Good to see you again!

Please don't be multiples, please don't be multiples since that's apparently this game's favorite thing to throw out now.

((I have read several legacies now where players are getting twins and triplets every time.))

It's a single!

Welcome to the family, Demi!

Impromptu wedding!

They are very cute together.

Demi's portrait was the blue of sleep, not the blue of sad.

Don't make me age her up early, game -- oh, okay. It's green. We're good.

Ha! Dixie's finally using this! I was about to sell it because she spends so much time on the vacuum-hoover things!

Oh, and she finally figured out what Anderson wanted from her with this toy. Nice.

Visiting the vet, just because.

Hi, Mads! And her kitty, Turtle!

Perfectly healthy, and she got a preventative shot just to play it safe!

Vet wants to be friends. Shiloh is not averse to the idea.

Dixie got skunked while out wandering. Gross.

Why do you keep putting your hospital gown on?? Take it off!

Anderson and Cam work out while Shiloh watches. Dixie's inside, somewhere.

Cam spends a lot of time in the telescope now that the spy on the neighborhood interaction is there (mischief, for work), so Shiloh spends a fair amount of time laying by the door.

Oh, guess what day it is.

She's got black hair! I repeat, she's not a redhead!

Demi's aged up!

. . . And briefly left her younger self in the bassinet. O_O

She'll be getting a makeover soon, but she wanted to imitate Dixie, so I had to watch.

It's super cute.

But. Makeover. She's adorable -- and not a redhead! I can deal with the brown eyes, we've got a new hair color!

And she rolled the Independent trait.

She and Shiloh are almost the same height!

Also, toddler/pet interactions are friggen adorable.

Petting and babbling to the cat.

There's a super brief period where neither parent is home in the early morning -- Anderson leaves at 1 am and Cam comes home at 2 am, so we got a nanny for a hot minute!

Her last name's Irvin, but I forget her first name. Hm.

Annd promotion! I didn't think her mischief was high enough, but I'll take it. :D

And I think that'll do it for this post.

Next time: Probably birthdays. Maybe I'll finally figure out the breeding thing for some puppies? I dunno. Only one kid for a whole generation leaves me at a bit of a loss. I'll figure it out. Maybe we'll spend some time with the spares.

Until then, I will see you later!

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