Saturday, January 27, 2018

5.03: This Family is Huge

Hello, hello!

So, last time: Cam and Anderson kept trying to take Demi about a mile away from the house to feed her, Dixie ran away, and Cam got promoted.

This time: Demi is definitely aging up, it was literally 6 am on her birthday when I closed the game, and her parents probably will, too.

But let's see, yeah?


Uh . . . Cam, where's the baby?

The candles disappeared as if they were blown out . . .

There she is! But no sparkles . . .

Take two!

Second time worked! So we have her new bedroom, and say hi to Demi, guys! She rolled Goofball for her childhood trait and wants to be a Whiz Kid.

She aged up exhausted, so after some sleep she got to talk to her giant stuffies properly.

Cam ages up to Adult soon, so her fitness skill is primary focus for the moment -- it'll be super difficult to try and master as an Elder.


Oh, that's sanitary. I'd absolutely let my child eat the sandwich the cat sat on.


Violet came over! So Demi roped her into a game of chess.

Promotion! :D

This is Rosalie Girard. Kaydence married her and proceeded to have a bunch of kids with her. The eldest of them will be shown later this post.

Anderson got a promotion, too! :D It took forever to get his mischief where it needed to be.

Working on that mental skill.

Can you guess what's coming up?

Yep! It's Cam's Adult . . . what's going on?

Wait . . . what -- NO! Shiloh!

Cam proceeds to do exactly what I'm doing behind the screen

Wanted to see if Grim's tablet changed to animals when a pet died . . . nope


Wait, no, I want the Sims 3 animation back! Grim loving on the pet and showing them to the afterlife was so much nicer than this!


I'm so sad.

RIP Shiloh. You were my favorite, even if you pooped on the floor a lot.

. . . Okay, so I thought I had more for the main family . . .

We're onto the spares/vaguely related family and then I need to go to bed because it is after 4 am whoops.

Here's Armani, Jalen's spawn.

Jazlyn, Madelyn's eldest.

Mariana, Ashely's only kid.

Sawyer, Madelyn's youngest.

Janice and Sierra Wilson, I think are Gerard's step-kids? He's married to their mother and not listed as their father, anyway. They're cute!

This is Trinity, Kaydence's eldest, a while before her younger siblings are born (triplets. I'll introduce them next time).

This is Grady, who I only know is related because of that last name. His mother's name is Erica, but I don't really know who she is? Probably very distant cousins.

And these three are triplets -- from top to bottom is Tomas, Connor, and Melany. They're spawn of someone named Howard MacDermott, but again I'm not sure just where they are in the family tree? About half of it has disappeared now, so.

And then Zach has another one, and someone from somewhere in (I think) Mckenzie's line has twin boys. And of course Kaydence's triplets.

All in all, as it stands, generation six is roughly 20 kids right now, and Zach's household, at least, still has room, so.

And the MacDermotts are related to pretty much everyone. Like, this isn't even counting the Rhodales, the Jaouds (I am totally misspelling that, but the family Micah's half-sister is in), the Watsons, the Landgraabs, the Meshrams, or any of the other families. It is Insane. Finding a spouse/sperm donor for Demi is gonna be fun.

So many kids. But look how lovely they are! And I'm looking at toddler CC for some variation, so we can maybe tell these kids apart between the red hair and grand total of what, six hairstyles for toddlers in the base game?

But. Okay. Is late. I need sleep.

I will see all of you later!

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