Tuesday, January 16, 2018

4.09: Oops

Hello, hello!

I am super far behind in NaNo but I also wanna play Sims.

However, I had another issue with Origin -- since I couldn't cancel my Cats & Dogs preorder on Origin itself, we had to go through the bank, and the bank ended up refunding me all of my most recent Sims purchases, which means Origin eventually took the game back. So, more repurchasing! And then Origin decided I couldn't buy anything from them directly, so I went to Amazon after trying to find a fix for the "Whoops!" error I kept getting.

That doesn't really exist, by the way. Unless I'm missing something super obvious. Like, I think someone that had been asking for help said it may be an IP issue? But I don't know how to fix that, so.

Anyway. Went to Amazon and managed to grab a couple digital downloads, but since it's the beginning of the month, and I don't start my new job 'till after Thanksgiving, the money that's back in my account kinda needs to stay there. So! Basically, all I have for the Sims right now is the base game, Vintage Glamour, Romantic Garden, and Parenthood. Once I know I can take the $40 out of my account without issue, and actually manage to find/buy the digital download, I'm gonna get this new EP.

And now that I've taken up three paragraphs to talk about my issues, let's get to what you're actually here for.

Last time: The triplets aged up to Teens and they were all lovely.

This time: Makeovers, the twins aging up, and maybe some SOs for our beautiful Teens?

Let's see what's going on!

I realized upon looking back at last post--I totally mistook this kid for Jalen, somehow. Oops.

The family, all made over! No CC anymore--though that may change, because wow I already miss it lol--and I can't access the updated version of MCCC for some reason, so.

Also, I don't know what's going on with my game, but I have a lot of Sims that must have been Adults before the bank/Origin decided I didn't actually want the game that are now Teens with the age lines around their mouths and it's weird.

Anyway. Actual gameplay, now.

Homework buddies.

Playing with makeup. You're adorable, Cam. Go clean your face and go to bed.

The critic career is gone for now, since I haven't grabbed City Living, so now Kala's going into culinary.

. . . Everyone needs fun. And social. Easily fixed, for these two.

((And then I cave and buy and download GTW because, hey, my mom paid me back some money she borrowed, I can afford 1 EP and the digital download for Cats and Dogs isn't on Amazon yet.))

Okay, Cam. I can respect that you want to do your extra credit work, but go to school! You are late!

Promotion! Super zoomed in because losing CL made her lose her work top and the game hasn't replaced it yet.

Yeah, yeah, there's a cheat out there I could use to fix it, but she honestly doesn't spend enough time in this get up for me to bother -- and it shouldn't be long until she gets a promotion that changes the entire outfit.

. . . . Dammit, Jalen. What did Cam ever do to you?

~~Ages later~~

I swear this legacy is still alive! I just started my new job, and my game didn't want to run right, and anxiety shit--the MacDermotts will be returning properly soon!

For now, this is all I've got. DX

See you all later, and hopefully not in two more months.

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