Monday, November 6, 2017

4.08: Irritating Children

Hello, hello!

Wow, I meant to have this out last month because of NaNo, but obviously that didn't happen.

Anyway, last time: The twins and Tyler aged up to Child and Adult, respectively.

This time: Most likely the triplets becoming Teens, and spare offspring updates! ((Ooh, maybe Isla's kids have finally aged up!))

Let's just jump right in.

Dancing while the kids are at school and before Kala has to go to work.

Autonomous flirts! <3

Amazing how Mads playing loud music -- thanks to her current phase -- doesn't wake up her sisters from their naps.

Promotion! Kala is level 7! :D

It looks like a passionate kiss, but Tyler is pissed because of that loud music, so it's actually a frenzied kiss.

And then they were off to raise Kala's fun. XP

Midnight snack.

Cayla came 'round to play the piano for the first time ever. :D

The boys play chess -- even though Jalen really needs a shower.

Oh! Spare kids! Micah's, to be exact!

. . . Once again, I am not sure which boy is which, so.

Gerard is Gloomy, Brodie is Active, and Kaydence is an Art Lover. They're all cute kids.

Back to the main family . . .

((My game proceeded to be either very slow or completely frozen, so I restarted the computer a few times, and it continued to do the freezing/slow thing, so I didn't open it at all for a while. Then my niece came up and we played her save for a bit -- slow and a freeze here and there, but nothing too bad, so.))

Jalen is floating!

I have no idea why.

Also I keep getting an error message from MCCC, so I guess I need to learn how to tell what CC item is causing problems -- or if there's been an update to that mod, I guess.

I wanted to believe that mess was already there and you just happened to be playing on it, but nope! You made this mess and played in it, you brat. Time out!

I cannot wait for these kids to be Teens. So tired of the messes they make. -_-

Another chess game -- Jalen and Cam! I believe Jalen won, too, the smarty-pants.

Zach broke his time out! Okay, so now you're being grounded for being a brat.

Okay, the twins are adorable -- and possibly attached at the hip.

Every time one of them starts to play here, the other joins immediately. (And if you notice, in the picture just above this one, Zach sat down by Cam after breaking his time out, too.)

Autonomous affection! My favorite thing.

Jalen is a B student!

Mads is an A student! :D

They all came home with projects. O_O

Mads is the only one to finish hers immediately, and the only triplet to get it before their Teen birthday.

Hey, it's Lyndsay Foy! Kala's baby sister, if you don't remember. She's still adorable.


. . . I don't remember what this picture was for. Hmm.

Cam is an A student! :D

Can you guess what day it is?

. . . Apparently it's 'Ash eats the birthday cake before anyone can use it' day.


Birthday cake, take 2!

(I let everyone grab a slice of cake 1, to keep them from eating the second cake between birthdays.)

Happy birthday tooo youuuu . . . .

Happy birthday to youuuuuuu . . .

(And I totally missed Ash blowing out her candles, oops.)

Jalen MacDermott! I really should have seen the narrow shoulders coming. 

Anyway, he's a Snob, and wants to be a Mansion Baron.

(Oh, and he actually has a different mouth shape than his sisters, cool. They still look really similar, but at least there's one difference aside from skin tones and eye colors.)

Madelyn MacDermott! Super cute, I love her. She's a Bookworm, and wants to be a Musical Genius.

And Ashely MacDermott! I love her a lot, too, she's a cutie. She rolled Outgoing, and wants to have a Successful Lineage.

And then I went back into household management and Ana's twins aged up! (Isla's triplets probably did, too, but I lost them in between worlds thanks to MCCC placing them randomly.)

Pedro, who got Self-Assured to go with Mean.

Gotta love all the kids getting the MacDermott nose.

Evangeline, who got Jealous to match Neat. Oh. She is, I think, the only one to not get the nose. Wow.

They're both super attractive.

And I think Ashely is my favorite -- which I didn't really want to happen, because she has my sister's name, just spelled differently, and that feels weird. But I really like her, and think she'll do pretty well with the gen five goals.

But we'll have to wait for Zach and Cam to age up to Teen, 'cause if I like one of their genetics more, they'll probably be heir. (Not likely for Zach, tbh. His YA trait would make things extremely difficult.)

But I think that'll be it for this post! It's been in the makings for ages now, and I'm super far behind on my NaNo word count, so.

Next time: Probably the twins' birthday, maybe getting the triplets SO's. Maybe Micah's triplets will age up so I can look at them and be mildly upset he wasn't my heir? XP

I'll see you all later!

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