Friday, October 20, 2017

4.07: What Little Brats

Hello, hello!

Last time: the triplets aged up into children, and Kala aged up to Adult. There were lots of time outs, and not very many pictures of the toddlers, for once.

This time: More birthdays!

The triplets were gonna play together, but Ash decided she wanted to make another mess. -_-

Okayyy. Clearly time outs aren't working. Grounded!

Really, Mads?


No, no. I said nap, not die!


Uh, Grim? Did you forget your job?

I wasn't gonna have her beg, because it only prolongs their life by like, a day, if that. But he stood there so long, I figured it'd kick him into gear.

Yup. :(

She started talking to him by herself, and she just looks so sad!

Annd of course he goes right to the TV.

. . . You brat. Tyler is exhausted, starving, and mourning. Must you?

B student!


Because Ty's sleeping, and cooking skill for work. :P

Their faces make me sad.

I've totally mixed up where these pictures actually go, but -- toddler pass out! It's so sad, but also adorable.

Sorry, Cam! By the end of this post, though, you can get to bed quick without needing your parents to carry you.

Speaking of . . . guess what day it is?


No more toddlers! Yay!

Zach is Lazy, but wants to be a Rambunctious Scamp.

. . . He looks cuter in the game than this picture. Hm.

Cam is a Loner, who also wants to be a Rambunctious Scamp.

The triplets came home, took care of what needed to be done, and did homework.

Well, Mads and Ash did. Jalen shouted forbidden words and got put in time out.

Wayy later . . . I've not seen this with a Child! It's so cute!

Ahh. It's so nice to have a sleeping household and not have to worry about nightmares and having to watch Toddlers to keep them from waking up everyone in the house.

Eibhlin's pissed, but she's using the mirror instead of angry possessing!

I appreciate it.

The triplets got school projects. Jalen made the mistake of leaving one of the twins alone with his, and they started working sloppily.

Ash is a very tired A student!

Haha, this is just the Insider idle animation, but it was timed perfectly. Mads is finally a B student!

Middle of the night, and Cam's up watching movies.

This is why you're so tired at school.

That is a lot of dishes. Gross.

Where the hell were they?

And I swear I had pictures of Micah's kids . . . Hm. Must have accidentally deleted them. Whoops!

For now, this'll do.

Next time: Micah's kids, the triplets' birthday, maybe Ana's kids will be Teens now? They were born a while before Tyler's . . . We'll see.

See you later!

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