Sunday, October 15, 2017

4.01: Then Comes Marriage . . .

Hello, hello!

Last time: proposals, a wedding, Micah aged up to YA and asked his girlfriend to move in.

This time: One last proposal, a pregnancy, and Tyler finally stepping up as heir.

Shall we jump in?

Micah's Very Sad from his last Teen mood swing, so Esmerelda takes up the flirting for him.

She also does the proposing.

They're so cute. I'm excited to see their offspring.

Apparently she went and got a job after Micah saw her last, because she was super late for work. (Also, she's a super high level in the Journalism branch of the Writer career, holy crap.)

Micah finally feeds himself. And gets a job in the Business career.

Then fills out reports to pass the time 'till 4.

Of course, gotta pass on those genetics.


Told Tyler. She's excited to be an aunt twice over.

Micah was getting some sleep. Once his energy's out of the red. . . .

PJ wedding!

And then they move in with Esmerelda's family.

There's so many Sims in that apartment. Pretty sure it's only like, 3 bedrooms. Might go into manage worlds to make it more big family/child appropriate.

Kristi and Ty garden in the morning, while I wait for a good time to invite Kala over. We need to get generation 5 coming.

Moving her in . . .

Kristi stands there like a creep the whole time.

They're a lovely couple.

Annd I feel bad for no one getting to at least throw on their formal wear for these weddings.

Kala MacDermott (nee Foy)!

She gets a Critic job. Not sure whether it'll be food or art yet. We'll see.

Working on getting that writing skill.

. . . I totally forget what this picture was for. D:

They take turns beating each other at this game for a while.

Some flirting when Kristi goes to bed.

Annd into bed they go!

I think that'll end this post.

Next time: Baby? Several babies? Probably checking in on Ana and Micah, because I'm super curious about their offspring. XP Maybe Kristi will get a job? Depending on how many kids the first pregnancy brings, I think.

Not that Kristi needs a job. Right now the family's at about 97k in the household funds. It's awesome.

That's all for the moment, folks.

See you later!

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