Friday, October 13, 2017

3.05: Bratty Teens

Hello, hello!

My game is being weirdly slow, but the legacy lives!! :D

Last time: Cayla died, Micah aged up, and everyone was cute.

This time: Well, let's see!

Apparently Kristi broke the computer, so now she gets to fix it.

Homework buddies?

Cute kids are cute.

Also, all three of them are in a Clingy stage. -_-

At least it's not the bear suit one, I guess.

Someone was saying forbidden words. She got put in time out.

It's the twins' birthday! :D

What are you . . . GO TO SCHOOL.

Happy birthdayyyyyy toooo youuuuu

Happy birthdayyyy toooo yoooouuuuuuu!

Here's Tyler! She rolled Music Lover as her Teen trait, and she wants to be a Nerd Brain.

Anabelle rolled Materialistic and wants to be a Musical Genius.

They're gorgeous. I am so in love.

((And finally! Twins that have different body types! I don't know if one was just higher in Motor skill than the other, but Tyler's like, super skinny while Ana has a little more muscle tone and a thicker build. I like this difference.))

B student!

Working on her Nerd Brain aspiration.

And, like I said, she is a stick.

She's actually built kinda like me. :P She's got more of a chest, though.

Working on Musical Genius a bit.

Time skip!

Masato invited Kristi out to eat and WHOOPS he's naked. XP

This is Liseli, another OC!

She's from the same story as Rasia -- her household is herself and a guy named Sani, and it's called 'The Kitsune and her Bodyguard'.

The book character would never be a hostess -- would never need to be, wealthy as she is -- but she supposes hostess is better than waitress.

Almost had the entire family sitting down, but no dice.

((Poor Micah got himself stuck in the bathroom, and Kristi keeps trying to wash dishes that don't actually exist. -_-))

Micah draws on the placemat while Tyler writes in her journal.

And is it the restaurant or just my game that's being so slow right now??

I think it's my game, holy crap.

Everyone's energy is super low, and these two keep trying to wash dishes that don't exist, so. Nap time.

And then I got tired of waiting for their food to arrive, so I sent everyone home.

Ana's the first of gen 4 to start helping with the garden.

Another OC! This is Lumi Young -- canonically a young teen learning about supernatural stuff and figuring out their gender. Their household (Lumi and the other Teen OC from the story) is just 'NB Pals 1'. XP

Might need to take them back into CAS a bit, though. Bit iffy on this one.

Ty gets along with them well. :D

So does Micah.

Ana's the only one in the household that doesn't interact with them.

Don't burn the house down, please, Ty.

She didn't, and now the twins are BFFs!

The potential to become Partners in Crime is arriving, too, maybe. Ana's rather fond of the mischief interactions.

Eibhlin! I wanna be happy to see you, but I just watched you break two sinks and two showers. -_-

Much appreciated, Ty!

Meditation. She gets to level two of the Wellness skill before getting bored and heading to bed. XP

It's Kristi's birthday! And the kitchen has that stupid glitch where a Sim's voice keeps going after they've practiced singing for a bit, so. We went to San Myshuno's park for the kitchen.

But Kristi can't blow out her own candles. -_-

Back home, I guess. Has the singing stopped?

It has not.

But birthday! :D

All the kids brought home projects. The girls have the robotics one, and Micah has the castle.

Girl talk before they turn in for the night.

And the next morning, the kids side eye each other while Kristi eats. XP

It kinda looks like they're debating who has to tell Mom a piece of bad news.

Oh, and Adult!Kristi, if you were interested. XP

The girls are a lot more tolerant of their little brother than me or any of my siblings ever were.

Ana finished her robot!

It's so cute!

Watching a movie before school to get their fun up.

Everyone's an A student! :D

Ty's started a Distant phase -- just being in the same room as anyone in her family makes her so tense, holy crap -- so I sent her out to dinner with a couple friends.

This is Nero! I was not expecting to see so many OCs throughout this post. O_O

Nero's from the same story -- or, well, group of characters, I guess -- as Rasia and Liseli. They're non-binary, and currently reside in 'NB Pals 2' with two other Sims.

*Determinedly stays behind Manuela because her clothes disappeared like almost everyone else's*

I know she's a Sim, but it still would feel weird to have pictures of a Teen only wearing underwear. Let the girl keep some of her dignity!

She was out long after curfew, but she's so happy.

Never mind. She's grounded now. No friends for the day.

While our delinquent goes to catch some sleep before school, the two well-rested kids talk to Cayla. Who apparently lost her shirt in the Origin move. ._.

Ana brought this kid home from school. Not sure who he's mourning right now, but . . . he didn't know any of them?

Stop crying! You have no idea who these people are, dude!

The girls have the best faces. XP

Ty was invited to a party at the Von Haunt Estate. She brought every Teen she knows, except for the one she lives with.

I love the group dance thing. Never done it with so many Sims before -- IT'S SO COOL.

She talked to a lot of people, so I'm not really sure why I took a picture of this interaction in particular. Hm.

She'd just crawled into bed when she got the call about the party, so she's pretty frickin' tired.

Taking a vacation day.

Back at home . . .

Can you guess whose birthday it is?

I did not mean to play this far.

Happy birthday, Micah!

Also aged up Lyric, since she came home with him today.

She's cute!

. . . Anabelle, you brat.

I get your mood swing is +50 anger, but really? What have your siblings done to you lately? Nothing to warrant you smashing their projects!


Never change, Kristi. XP

And here's Micah! He rolled Dance Machine and aspires to be an Angling Ace.

He's a cute one!

And I'm gonna end this one here, since everyone's had a birthday this post.

We have some very attractive kids this gen. And as much as I'd love to get away from red hair and brown eyes as far as genetics go . . . Tyler's my favorite kid, so she's probably gonna wind up being heir. Even though Ana's YA trait would make her best suited for the family gen. XP

So that's it for the night!

See you all later!

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