Thursday, October 19, 2017

4.06: Unruly Children

Hello, hello!

So, after thinking about it, I'm pretty sure the issue is mostly that there are 8 Sims and 5 of them are Toddlers, because the game was fine until the twins aged up. So that and the big house just made my game lose it a bit, probably.

So this session we should have the triplets' birthday, Kala's birthday, and possibly even the twins' birthday?

Let's see.

These were meant to be added to last post, but I forgot. So have a picture of Tyler dancing with Jalen and Kristi reading to him. XP

Oh, and Kala got a promotion, by the by.

Annd it looks like the actual situation was just that my computer needed a good restart. Cool. No more moving, then.

For now.

Can you guess the occasion? :P

. . . I thought I had a picture at least of the sparkles, but I guess not.

Just Jalen being a shit after he aged up.

Quickly make another one -- not as fancy, of course. She's not quite at Kristi's level yet.

Happy birthday, Mads!

They play video games while Ashely wakes up and Tyler grabs her.

Happy birthday, Ash!

Jalen is a Genius and wants to be a Whiz Kid.

He's a cutie -- even with how tired of red hair and brown eyes I am.

Madelyn is an Insider and wants to be a Rambunctious Scamp.

She's also cute -- and at least has a new eye color.

Finally, Ashely is a Music Lover and wants to be a Social Butterfly.

Wow that's a bad picture of her, though. Oops. She and Mads wouldn't stop moving!

Helping the girls with their homework.

Jalen is upstairs getting help from Kala.

You little brat!

Wow. How is it I never notice the cowplant skeleton until I'm typing up the post?

Also, I'm oddly attached to that skeleton. Dunno why. Usually I delete them, but not this one.

God that thing is creepy, though.

Annd I needed to add more of those coolala lights in the girls' room because one of them woke up with a monster under her bed. -_-

Playing with the blocks to get fun up because wow.

Happens every generation, the 'everyone is super tense all the time' phase. I expect it again when the twins age up and when the triplets are Teens.


Negative of so many freaking kids: they're over an hour late to school because they all stand like this for ages before changing into their every day outfits and leaving.

Got the first of her notifications. Kristi will be leaving us soon. :(

Cam and Zach are adorable. I love them a lot.

The girls have fused together, but Ash is a B student! She aged up with a couple of her skills at level 2, so that was easy. XP

Kristi does some yoga while Zach plays next to her.

Kala needs her cooking to be at level 5, so I put her in front of the cooking channel.

I love Toddler hugs. They're so cute.

He made a mess, so he got put in time out. Tyler is a slightly stricter parent than any of the others have been.

Jalen and Mads have both been in time out at least twice.

You're a good kid, Ash. Cleaning up your siblings' messes. (This one is Cam's, actually.)

I take it back! You're just as bad! Time out for you!

How cute -- wait a sec, no, no!


They're such shitheads.

There was a brief panic where it was after 5 pm and I suddenly remembered it was Kala's birthday. I am not dealing with a sad Adult Sim along with three unruly children and two toddlers.

This house is insane.

I think that's it for this post! Next post: the twins' birthday, Tyler's birthday, and very possibly saying goodbye to Kristi.

See ya later!

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