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3.06: Getting the Girl(s)

Hello, hello!

I think I just played long enough for two or three posts. Let's see here . . . Yupp. Nearly 100 photos. Wow.

Last time: everyone had a birthday -- Kristi to Adult, the twins and Micah to Teen.

This time: so. Much.

Check it out:

Ty went out to breakfast with a few friends. It's a weekend, so why not?

Yes, I gave Manuela clothes, and made Lyric over after she aged up. The girl in the hat is Kala, and she's kind of adorable.

((And there's Amelia in the table behind them! :P))

Then to the spa -- this one's off the gallery, I believe this is Clubhuis by niloupanda. Maybe. I should have taken note of what the lot actually is along with name and creator. ((Sorry!))

Annd she got food poisoning. -_- Give us your money, Sunny Side Up! Cayla got food poisoning there, too. Maybe I should replace it? XP

These two are pretty much the only ones that have any idea what to do at a spa.

Tyler attempts a yoga routine.

Well. This is awkward.

A massage sounded nice, so she got one, too.

LUKE! What are you so angry about, buddy?

This is yet another OC of mine. ((This is what I get for putting so many in this save. XP)) He's from the same story/character group as Liseli and Rasia.

Breakfast with Dayton!

Kristi helps Ty with her project, because it's almost the girls' YA birthday and it's still not done.

Robot buddies!

She cooks as often as Kristi does, now.

Micah was invited to a party. He brought a few other Teens with him.

Chat with Esmerelda. I have had plans for you two since I saw her on the sidewalk outside your house. XP

. . . Random toddler outside our house. O_O

Gardening pic! Because somehow it's still alive.


Chatting with Lyric.

I was gonna hook them up, but I forgot they're half-siblings, so.

That's not happening. That'd be weird.

Esmerelda! Hiiiiii!

He takes after all the MacDermott women.


<3 First kiss!

And he tries to touch the butt. XP

Oh, no. They're adorable.

I love Micah, and the blond hair he brings to the table, but he's not this generation's heir. He and Esmerelda will make beautiful blonde children in their own home.

Ana gets to know her little brother's girlfriend when she wakes up.

Really, Ty? Really?

All because she tried to read a parenting skill book (volume 3) and didn't understand it.

Uh. Kristi? There's no one at the table, and no plates sitting on it. Why are you kneeling in front of the fridge? Aren't you uncomfortable?

Another OC. This is Daelyn, 1 of two Teens in the Super!Roomies household.

Kristi playing some basketball. She was doing well until I took this. Then she missed like, three times in a row.

Esmerelda asked Micah out on a date. To the spa!

They messed around in the sauna.

He got a massage.

She left at some point during his massage, so home he went.

It's the twins' birthday!

They're so close. I love them a lot.

Gardening together.

She can't keep the Nerd Brain aspiration, but handiness still comes in handy when your ancestors like to come and break all of your plumbing at night.

Ty's arm is blocking it, but happy birthday, Ana!

She rolled Family Oriented as her YA trait, and also got Responsible.

Tyler rolled Materialistic, and also got Good Manners, Responsible, and Compassionate.

So Manuela was gonna be Ty's SO, but she wouldn't stay long enough to get sufficiently flirty for the pink bar.

What's with the toddlers?!

Decided to work on getting Ana an SO, since she'll be moving out, and invited this lady out. Her name's . . . Norma, I think?

It doesn't matter. She left, so we invited someone else out.

Clementine! Annd you're pregnant. But single!

And then she left, too. ._.

Maybe if we just hang out somewhere someone will show up?

. . . I don't have the patience. Ty knows a lot of people your age, we'll have her invite someone over for you to get to know.

I also really love Kala.

I believe around here is where I decide Ty will marry Kala and Ana will get with Manuela.

Because I downloaded MC Command Center and now same-sex pregnancy is a thing that can happen. ^^

They're adorable. And girlfriends, now!

One of the ghosts possessed the kitchen trash can, so everyone got startled. -_-

These two are also adorable.

Autonomous hugs! One of my greatest weaknesses!

Micah got a call from Esmerelda (who lives in one of the amazing apartments, holy crap), but she's a YA now, and I did not enable Adult-Teen romances, so. Getting that green bar up for now.

Then he goes out with the two teens he knows. One of which he's related to.

The DJ's pregnant. XP

Group dance, because of course. :P

The twins garden together.

Kristi got invited to the flea market, so the whole household went.

Dear god. Another OC. XP This is Sani, Liseli's bodyguard. I like him a lot.

Karaoke. Because there's only so much to do at the flea market.

Then to the basketball court.

Annd that ends this post. Next one up in like, twenty minutes or so. Just 'cause I have the pictures already.

Next time: A lot more of leaving the lot. XP

See you in a bit!

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