Sunday, October 15, 2017

4.03: They Grow Up So Fast . . .

Hello, hello!

I need to be going to bed soon, so I can wake up tomorrow morning, so Imma try to type this up real quick.

Last time: Babies. Ana had twins, Micah and Ty had triplets.

This time: Adorable toddlers. XP

Let's jump in!

Three adults for three kids is nice. Nicer still when one has the parenting skill maxed for the 'super efficient caretaking' interaction. XP

And, oh-oh! It looks like Ana's kids have aged up! Let's take a look.

Pedro. He's Angelic. And adorable.

Evangeline, also adorable. She's Inquisitive.

Back at the main house . . . Ghosts can be useful. We appreciate it, Eibhlin!

O_O Holy shit, Kristi.

That's just from the wellness skill, y'all. She's almost at level 8.

Kala got a promotion!

Not sure why she's in a swimsuit, though . . .

I'd appreciate your help, Cayla, if you were actually taking care of the need that needs taken care of.

Birthday time! ((And look at those arms, holy crap.))

Pre-age up cuddles.

And Kristi blowing out her candles.

Her she is in all of her Elderly glory. :) (She still has those abs, it's so weird on an Elder.)

Jalen is a Wild child. He'll be a lot of fun, I'm sure.

Madelyn is Clingy, which is sure to be amazing with three toddlers. ._.

And, finally, Ashely is Angelic like her cousin.

How the hell did I wind up with three redheaded children? And they're all nearly identical as well.


Maybe the next kid(s) will have some variation.

This is super short, but I do have to be getting to bed, and I don't actually enjoy keeping posts open and incomplete for very long.

So I'll see you all . . . probably tomorrow night! XP

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