Tuesday, October 17, 2017

4.04: Full House

Hello, hello!

I have nothing to do today, and no early morning obligations tomorrow, so it's the perfect time to play Sims.

Last time: Birthdays happened. We got a peek at Ana's twins, Kristi aged up into an Elder, and Tyler's triplets aged up to Toddlers.

This time: Stealing a peek at Micah's triplets, and most likely more babies for Tyler and Kala. Because they need at least one more for this gen's goals.

Let's take a look!

All the kids aged up sleepy, so. Nap time!

So, even though Micah's triplets were born a little before Ty's, they still haven't aged up to Toddlers. I sent Kristi over to rectify this, but no one was home.

Anabelle was around, though, with Judah Newburg -- who's actually hers and Tyler's half-brother on their father's side.

They talked briefly, then Kristi bought a cupcake and Ana left.

Someone was home when we tried again, so. Check out these cuties!

Gerard and Brodie -- I have totally forgotten which is which, oh my god.

Gerard's Clingy, and Brodie is Fussy.

What a pair.

Then there's Kaydence (I love her name so much), who is Inquisitive.

They're all adorable.

Back at home, it's bath time for the stinky babies.

Mads looks hella weird at that angle.

Because Kala is only a week off from her Adult birthday, and apparently I'm a glutton for punishment, they're gonna try for another baby.

Nightmare. Grandma to the rescue!

First try failed, so once more.

And baby #4 is on the way!

((This may or may not have been the only reason I actually bothered to changer her last name.))

You . . . are far too excited about this, considering you just had triplets.

The girls on their tablets while Grandma goes for the toybox.

Potty training. :P

Making some breakfast.

Kala told her about the coming child(ren). She didn't really react -- or if she did, the actual reaction happened while I was trapped behind that ceiling light. XP

The kids are cute.

Kala totally blocked Jalen in that second shot, but hey! Baby bump!

Is anyone tired of bath time pictures? I don't think I have anymore this post, but I might.

Watching TV together.

Oh, Ana came over! These two started chatting in here totally autonomously while I was corralling the triplets.

This is Nadine, Kala's mother. She's telling her the big news.

I'd also just gotten a notification that her mother had just had a baby, so we're off to meet the little one.

That's Amir, her half-brother.

Annd we're totally aging her up, because I wanna see.

Lyndsay Foy

She's so cute! Look at how cute she is!

Took a sandwich because she's hungry.

He reacted a lot like Tyler did to the baby news. XP

Jesus Christ, Eibhlin. Scared the shit out of me -- I was looking at something on my phone, and the camera was angled to face inside the house and suddenly BANG.

What are you so pissed about?

They're so cute.

D'aww. She's our little nerd in the making.


Went with Food Critic for her. Maybe not the best choice, now that I think about it, since she's a Glutton, but oh well. XP

These three are cute, troublesome though they may be.

((Actually, they're not so bad. Other than Jalen always being both hungry and super tired, and therefore super pissed, anyway.))

I love when toddlers babble at each other.

Kala helps out with the garden.

. . . I didn't think I'd gotten as many baby bump shots as I apparently did, so here, have another.

Chat chat. Chat chat.

Getting her cooking skill up for work.

~Playing pretend~

More adorable toddler babble.

Thank you, Dayton!

Why so sad, though?

Baby time!

((I did not repurchase GTW yet, hence why the last couple births have been at home, if anyone was wondering.))

And it's twins!

I figured it would be.

Welcome to the family, Zachary and Camilla!

I missed Kala's panic when Tyler had the triplets, so here's a shot of Tyler's to end this post. XP

So the house is full now, and Kristi has a while before she'll be leaving us -- as I'm typing this I believe she's 92 days old and still has at least half of her life bar to go. Which is awesome since Ty and Kala have so many freaking kids.

Next time: A new house, hopefully all the kids' birthdays, possibly Kala's birthday . . . a lot. :P

For now, I'll see you all later!

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