Sunday, October 15, 2017

4.02: Then Come Triplets in a Baby Carriage!

Hello, hello!

I should go to bed -- get something of a brief sleep schedule going so I wake up in time for the hour drive I have come Monday, but instead I'm playing Sims.

Priorities are hard.

But, hey, as usual, if you're reading, you're reading for the Sims. Not the Simmer.

So, last time: Micah got engaged-married-moved, then Tyler got engaged and married.

This time . . . let's go and see, eh?

No confetti, but Tyler is pregnant!

Kala is excited.

Then I get a notification that Ana had twins, so we're off to her place.

My attempt at getting both babies in one shot.

The one in the pink bassinet is Pedro, the red is Evangeline.

Sent Kristi off to see one kid, and these two bonded a bit.

So cute. I can't wait to see these kids as they grow up.

Ty announced her own pregnancy. Ana just smiled. XP

That's such an 'oh, good luck with that one, sis' look.

Evangeline is not happy about being disturbed. But I want both kids in Ty's relationship panel.

(Also, I don't have any pictures to show it, but honestly the MacDermott family tree is so confusing. XP It's very hard to keep track of who they're related to when only half the tree shares a surname.)

Her itty bitty baby bump.

Watching a horror movie together. :P

You are not stealthy, Kala

So cute. I love them a lot.

Hi, Liseli!

Only in the Sims is it not weird to have a stranger touch your baby belly.

Making herself a packed lunch for her first day of work.

Annd obligatory vom shot.

Not any less gross four generations in.


Emerson! Yet another OC -- the other Sim in the Super!Roomies household.

These two are just really cute, okay.

Okaay, glitchy ghost.

Restarting the game didn't work, and neither did sending him off to the netherworld.

Ended up having to delete him.

I won't miss you breaking all the plumbing, but I will miss seeing you, Carmelo. :(

This is Winnie Goth. She is cute. Too bad she's a YA now rather than, like, when Ty's kids will be looking for spouses.

Home from work and greeting Ty with a kiss.

Got a notification that Esmerelda had triplets, so Kristi went to their apartment. There's one girl and two boys -- Kaydence, Gerard, and Brodie.

Nice to see the lovely couple talking and smiling with each other.

Yes, I did go into manage worlds and move the boys' bassinets. She couldn't get to Gerard at all, and it would have been impossible for anyone to get to that bed, so. They were put in the makeshift nursery.

A quick hug before she leaves.

Tyler is like her mother. No sign of pain during labor.

At least, not until she's at the bassinet.


She had TRIPLETS. This is my first set of triplets in the entire time I've owned the Sims.

I am so unprepared.

Like. I thought I was unprepared for twins last gen? That is nothing compared to how unprepared I am right now.

But, anyway. Welcome to the family, Jalen, Madelyn, and Ashely.

And that'll end this post, I think. I'm pretty sure I have pictures for the next one, too. We'll see.

Next time: Kristi and the triplets' birthdays, maybe another pregnancy? We need 4 kids minimum, and literally everyone in this house has wished to try for baby about a hundred times.

We'll see.

For now, I'll see all of you later!

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