Saturday, October 14, 2017

3.07: First Comes Love . . .

Hello, hello!

Okay, so I lied about how long it'd take to post this. I got distracted.

Last time: Lots of my OCs, all the gen 4 kids got girlfriends, and the twins celebrated their YA birthday.

This time: Micah's YA birthday, possibly marriages? Let's see.

Another party to start us off. Of course, with Tyler. XP

 . . . This is Jax. Another non-binary OC who is very close to my heart. I love them.

And I've created like, ten versions of them in CAS since the Sims 4 came out, and I'm not super happy with any of them. Hmmm.

Stepped away from the party for a bit to be cute with the girlfriend. <3

Asking Manuela to move in for Ana, who is currently at work.

More gardening.

Pretty much once Ana got home, these two jumped into bed. XP

I was gonna have one propose first, but Ana needed fun and sleep so bad.

There. Engaged and adorable.

And look who's pregnant!

Since Micah's YA birthday is just a few days away . . .

Manuela fist pumped right after this shot. She's excited to be a mom.

So of course they get married super quick and move out. They live in Windenburg, with Manuela's mom. I'm super excited to see how their genes mix. :D

!!!! I didn't even know it'd broken! Since when is autonomous repair a thing?! Thank god her handiness skill is fairly high. She coulda died and I wouldn't have even known why!!!

A quick chat with Ana.

And, oh! Look who's passing by!

Kristi's looking forward to being a grandmother.

Guess we should progress Ty's relationship a little . . .

Greeted her with a kiss, then a few more flirts . . .

This is always my favorite shot to take. It's just really sweet.

Annd they're engaged! <3

They traded a number of autonomous romantic-friendly-funny interactions while I kept Kristi away. She's tried to flirt with all of her kids' girlfriends, it's ridiculous!

Micah ages up soon, so a last hurrah with the two teens he knows -- his half-sister and his cousin.

They go the Trendy Bar (by PrettyMuchCrazy on the gallery).


 . . . . . .

My game just freaked out. Froze long enough I almost restarted my whole computer, then abruptly started playing -- but several hours later. ((As in, they got to the bar around 5:30 pm, and then the game restarted at a little after 2 am.))


Let's go home, Micah.

Making the birthday cake for the birthday boy.

Happy birthday, Micah!

He rolled Materialistic for his YA trait.


Now that he's a YA, he invites the girlfriend over and asks her to move in.

And this post will end here, I think.

Next time: another proposal, a pregnancy, and finally starting on the fifth generation! Tyler has 16 days left of her YA stage, and she needs to have at least 4 kids.

That'll be fun.

So I'll see you all in a bit!

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