Wednesday, October 18, 2017

4.05: New House!

Hello, hello!

Last time: We went around to a few other houses -- aged up Micah's triplets and Kala's new baby sister -- and had twins of our own!

This time: A new house, hopefully about six birthdays, and, well.

Let's find out.

We start out with everyone on the sidewalk.

I did not build this myself, it's a Maxis premade on the gallery that I plopped down in Newcrest. I just added a couple things, took away some others.

Upstairs -- all the bedrooms and two bathrooms.

And the twins at the end of the hallway. XP

Downstairs -- kitchen, living room, dining room, a small study, and another bathroom.

There's not really enough room for the garden, so for now it's staying in the family inventory.

Before the move, the family had a little over 100k. After the move, they still have around 88k. It's pretty impressive.

Jalen and . . . I think that's Mads? . . . play with dolls while their sister naps.

One of these girls is absolutely getting her hair colored when they age up to Teen. Or at least far different hairstyles. I made a Mistake giving both of them short wavy hairs.

Tyler's the first to try the kitchen. She looks super happy with the new place.

We just gotta wait for MCCC to move some neighbors in -- I placed other residential houses around this one specifically for that reason.

Madelyn, you little shit.

You're not allowed to pout about being scolded -- it was just the last post I was saying how well-behaved you and your siblings are, and now you've done this. Be grateful time outs aren't an option for toddlers.

Grandma potty trains while Mom plays.

The kids all love Kristi, apparently.

Ashely went allllllllll the way upstairs to her parents' bathroom to eat.

Why, kid?

Hey, Eibhlin!


Sooo there were like no pictures taken of the twins before their birthday because this hallway is pretty much impossible to take pictures in. XP

But I got their notification, so.

The cuddles.

Here's Zachary. He's Independent.

And he has red hair under that hood, of course.

And here's Camilla! She is Silly.

Why are they all redheads. I specifically chose a brunette spouse in hopes that it would smother the red a bit.

One brown-haired child. That's all I want.

Micah should've been my heir. All his kids are blond. XP

Speaking of the spares' kids . . .

Pedro and Evangeline aged up! Pedro is Mean while Eva is Neat.

They're cute! ((And not redheads! Maybe I should have kept trying with Manuela instead of handing her off to Ana . . .))

Oh, and I got a notification that Isla had triplets of her own. ((If you don't remember, Isla's one of Mckenzie's offspring.)) She had . . . I think 2 boys and a girl?

Anyway, back to the main family -- it's almost the triplets' birthday, thank god!

. . . Or not. My game is being super slow now. I'm not sure if it's the 8 Sim household, the big house, the 8 Sim household in a big house, or just my computer.

I'll have to go in and move them again, probably build a new place, see if that fixes it. If it's the number of Sims . . . I'm not entirely sure how to go about fixing that.

Damn. I liked this house, too.

Next time: I promise the triplets will age up, and Kala, and possibly the twins as well. And probably another new house. -_- Just not one that's as nice, because I'm a crap builder compared to the lovely gallery builds.

See you all later!

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