Friday, July 7, 2017

2.01: Where'd the Doctor Go?

Hi, hi!

I just had a very tearful heart to heart with my mother, so now Imma play Sims until I can't keep my eyes open. Nope! It has now been a couple days since I started this post -- and it was a lot harder to stay awake than I was expecting -- and Camp NaNo is a thing now. Also family members. And work.

Dear god I am never going to get past gen two at this rate.

Last time: Carmelo moved in, married Cayla, and Cayla got pregnant. And we found out it's another case of massive age gap between heir and spouse. -_- I will try not to make this a theme.

Let's see what today brings!

Carmelo ages up to Adult!

Eibhlin gardens.

I wonder what it's like to be in the same life stage as your son in law?

Then Eibhlin aged up to Elder Then my laptop screwed up so bad I had to shut down without saving, so hold on . . . .

Who changed it this time? Or does it do that by itself?

Oh, look, it's Eibhlin's birthday!

What a pleasant old lady.

The brothers-in-law finally get to talking.

Baby bump growth!

The MacDermott women. <3

Look who came over!

And yes, I did give her a minor makeover. Couldn't resist.

Also, side-eying baby brother like whoa.

Eibhlin catches up with her middle child.

Full disclosure here: I totally created a husband for her in CAS and gave them a toddler daughter. Her name's Amelia and she's adorable.

This is Angel Ramesh -- that really cute teen from ages ago! She's a YA now, and yes I made her over as well shh.

Gettin' them as friendly as possible so when he ages up they can go right into the romance.


Arvin's birthday!

Promotion! Cayla's now a Serious Musician. Very nice.

Aww. Damn. She was on her way to bed, too.

OH! Baby!

. . . Men.

Is this normal hospital procedure? Leave the lady in labor standing at the check in counter for ages?

The anxious look continues to the second generation . . .

Annnd the doctor left after a few seconds. Uhm. What.

We must have come in the middle of a shift change or something -- what the hell.

Back home!


The goal was to get birth certificates for every kid of every generation -- but then, I already accidentally deleted the first three kids', so.

Annd it is . . . .

A girl!

Meet Kristi MacDermott, everyone!

She's welcomed by her parents and her uncle. D'aww.

Here's Grandma!

Oh, look who's back!


They're going steady!

Annd trying for baby -- twice so that it maybe takes? Will have to check back with them in a few Sim days.

Then Arvin's moved out and into Angel's house, where they will live happily ever after.

Heyy, Carmelo's finally getting around to meeting his mother-in-law!

My Sims never talk to anyone they live with. They have the exact opposite problem I have.

D'aww. Cuddle your baby girl.

. . . Cayla's gonna have to be the stricter parent, isn't she? Kristi's already got you wrapped around her little finger.

Oh, oh! Look at the new nursery! (Featuring Cayla's promotion reward: the little trophy on the desk.)

The pink doesn't clash too badly with the yellow, does it? I think it's a cute little room.

But! Imma have to end this here. It is after 1:30 in the morning, and I am working all day long, so.

Next time: Kristi's Toddler birthday! Music! Gardening!

However, it may be a while, as I am traveling out of town/state for a week and some change ~~because Imma be 21~~ and god knows if I'll actually open the game while I'm gone. So, uhm. Next post will be after the like, 18th, probably?


I willlllllll see you in about two weeks!

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