Saturday, June 24, 2017

2.00: And So It Begins . . .

Hello, hello!

Generation Two is beginning!

Last time: Mckenzie aged up into YA, got a job, and was moved out upon my declaration of Cayla being heiress.

This time: probably a wedding, and maybe babies? Also probably gardening, and lots of guitar playing.

. . . I'm also vaguely ashamed to admit that I just dropped ten bucks on the Fitness pack because I saw a couple cute hairs and I kinda want the climbing wall? Even though I'm sure I'll never actually use it because I'm terrible.


Workin' on her comedy skill for work.

Online gaming for fun.

He lost, apparently. So angry.

We invited Carmelo over. He's on the other side of the door.

Like mother like daughter, I guess?

Carmelo Ng is a Cheerful, Music Loving Bookworm in the Secret Agent career. I do not remember his aspiration.



Mr. Angry-Sleepy Arvin came home with a project.

He is only 4 days off from his YA birthday, so he probably will not finish this in time.

This Asshole.

I mean, I knew he had to be a good deal older than Cayla, since he was a child long before she was even born, but he's only 2 days off from Adult!

He just got home, she has work very soon, so:

Eloping! How cute.

Gettin' that logic skill up.

You can work out using the TV again! I missed that option!

Promotion! Cayla is now level 5 -- Jingle Jammer.

Midnight snack of bacon and eggs. Poor quality, but it kept him from starving.

D'awww, you two.

Annd she needs piano skill for her next promotion, so back to the gallery in San Myshuno!

Carmelo got earbuds! He's dancing to talk radio, the weirdo.

Busking! Get all of the tips!

Solicit tips for a sec, then go home. She needs to pee and eat and sleep and get fun.

There's a dancing workout video, too. It's awesome.



Tell the hubby . . .

He doesn't look happy.

Ruh-roh. XP

Annd baby bump! With a side of morning sickness, lol.

I think that'll be all for now, folks. Maybe another post late tonight?

Next time: Baby! Maybe infidelity, as per the optional goals? Maybe Eibhlin will age up to Elder? Oh, and of course Arvin will age up to YA and Carmelo to Adult.

See ya!

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