Saturday, June 17, 2017

1.12: It Has Been Decided!


No work today, so I'm starting a post before 9 pm!

Last time: Cayla aged up to YA and got herself a fiancé and a job and guitar skill, Arvin aged up to teen, and there was gardening.

This time . . . Mckenzie might age up, and I'll finally decide who the heiress is. :P

Right into it, eh?

Carmelo asked Cayla on a date.

(Oh god. I just realized their names start with the same letter. This is gonna be J and Jo and Johnnie again, isn't it?)

He took her to the San Myshuno park, with the wedding venue. Think he's trying to tell us something?

D'aww. Cayla's hungry, but they keep chatting.

Date ends with him telling us to never call him again.

Too bad,dude! You're marrying into the MacDermotts whether you want to or not!

Sooo Cayla went to the lounge and . . . the entertainment is a teenage boy.

Go home, kiddo, you're not old enough for this.


Cayla, I promise you've seen a toilet before. You live in a house with three of them.


Hi, Eibhlin!

They skill while Mckenzie and Arvin are at school.

Oh, great. My Mean and Evil Sim needs to have a mean streak. Yes, pile on the negative BS, Sims.

Go do your homework.

School projects!

Even though it's Friday night and Mckenzie ages up in two days!

Oh. The bridge is much more boring than I thought it would be.

Please bring home the robot at some point, Arvin.

Fridge broke!

Mother-daughter gardening! Because this garden shall never die. It brings in far too much money.

Cayla got a promotion!

Fire! (And now the stove's broken. Nice, Cayla.)

The women of the MacDermott family. In various emotional states.

Lovely, aren't they?


Also, Arvin is quite attractive. Too bad his personality is awful.



Mckenzie's traits are: Cheerful, Vegetarian, Outgoing, Compassionate, Responsible, and she has very Good Manners.


Ugh. Mood swings. Go away! She's a Young Adult now!


She got a violin for her time in the entertainment career.

Guys. You have a good size home. You don't need to clump up in the corner where Mckenzie will bust your eardrums with her terrible violin playing.

They took turns consoling each other over the death that happened what would be years before in reality.

Mckenzie is employed now! Level 2 right off the bat!

Annd . . . I think Cayla (I almost typed Mckenzie whoops) is going to be our heir, y'all. Maybe just because I've gotten to play her as a YA for so long now? And she's already level 4 in her career, and has a spouse ready to be brought into the household, and she has just over 2 weeks of YA-hood left.

Around this far into her YA stage, Eibhlin was married and had at least one kid. (She was at 13-16 days to Adulthood for so long you guys.)

Anyway. *slams gavel* It has been decided! The Generation Two Heiress is Cayla MacDermott!

And I think that ends it for the night, all.

Next time: A wedding, maybe? Toilet confetti? Arvin aging up to YA? Eibhlin becoming an Elder?

I guess we'll find out!


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