Wednesday, June 14, 2017

1.10: Super Pretty


Last time: THREE birthdays, one death (;_;), and gardening.

Let's see what the MacDermotts have for us today, yeah?

Hi, Eibhlin!

.. . . . You look far too happy for someone whose husband just died.

. . . Who made this mess and when? I follow those kids freakin' everywhere; how'd one manage to sneak away to make this?

(Not even sneak -- there's always someone at this damn bulletin board. How did anyone get over there to make a mess without getting caught?)

Jesus, woman. The crazy eyes need calmed. O_O

. . . Think I found our culprit.


Mckenzie is going through a picky eater phase.

Eating something other than her 'favorite quick meal' makes her sad.

Disregarding her pout, look! Everyone at the table eating! They're all so happy!

Oh, okay. So the meal Eibhlin made is of poor quality. Maybe Mckenzie is a little justified in the pouting.

Tantrum throwing.

Dayton! Hai!

Cayla really needs to stop leaving her journal out on the table.

Bad, bad Arvin. You are terrible.

Some (apparently unsatisfying) ghost woohoo.

They're all at their desks for their homework! :D

And yes, they do all have the same flower vase thing.

. . . I like it, okay? And they were broke when I was trying to decorate, and it's only 5 simoleans, so.

What . . . what are you mopping, Mckenzie? And why? It's not even on your lot.


I didn't get any pictures, but these two were at each other's throats for a bit, until Eibhlin told them to stop being mean.

(Then Eibhlin shouted forbidden words in front of Arvin. -_-)

"But Moooom, you say them!"

He repeated the words and she scolded him.

Jesus Christ, Arvin, quit with the mean interactions! It only gets you put in time out!

Did anyone else ever have a phase where they just wanted to wear their bear suit all the time?

Arvin has.

This is his third bear costume.

Cake! Guess what day it is!

It's Mckenzie's birthday!

Oh, she's super pretty. Definitely Dayton's mouth and Eibhlin's nose, and kind of a mix with the eyes? Like Dayton's shape with Eibhlin's tilt?

Super pretty.

She is now a Cheerful Vegetarian who aspires to be a Party Animal. She wants to throw all the parties.

I don't know who I'd like more as heiress.

Cayla's personality seems more suited for it, the bratty 'I am not spending my life gardening and having kids, and screw my parents for assuming I'd want to'. But Mckenzie's aspiration is more along those lines -- "I'm going to have all the friends and throw all the parties and everyone will love me" and, ultimately, I have favorites and she is my favorite child of generation two.

I'm just taking Arvin out of the running entirely because he already drives me up the wall with autonomous mean interactions and his Teen trait will just make that worse and No. He can be as mean as he wants when he moves out.


Two teens and a kid and a single mother.

Oh. Poor Arvin. The only dude in a house of women. Kinda reflects my little brother's life from ages 9-16, but with one more sister.

Anyway -- this'll be fun.

Autonomous homework! At her own desk, even!

And her first night as a teen, Cayla convinces her to break curfew.

*Enter club music here*

Annnd the next morning, both girls are grounded -- no phones or TV, ladies!

Why . . . do you keep making faces like this.

Tenseness. They're all so tense.

Oh, god. don't die don't die don't die.

Cayla came home from school mortified because of mood swings. With this pose I was terrified she was going to do the curling in on herself and dying thing.

But she didn't!

School projects!

She's still mortified. And exhausted.

Eibhlin came to help Mckenzie.

Yay! Awesome rocket ship!

Then she helps Arvin with his volcano, and they celebrate the success. (I just missed Arvin's insane happy clapping, damn.)

The siblings!

I swear I didn't intentionally give the girls the same hair. But they spend enough time in their secondary outfits that I don't feel like changing it now.

Building blocks!

Pictures cannot capture the walk Cayla was doing when she came home from school. She's mortified again, and the walk along with it is kind of ridiculous.

But here's her sad face.

And much later in the night, Cayla and Eibhlin building together.

Annd it's after 1 am now, so have a house picture to end this post!

Next time: Cayla and Arvin will be aging up, there will be gardening . . . and we'll find out the rest, I guess.

Until then, see ya later!

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