Thursday, June 8, 2017

1.08: Birthdays!

Hello, hello! It has been a while, hasn't it?

Blame YouTube. And Steam sales, I guess. And work.

(Please forgive any typos there may be -- fake nails are the devil on this keyboard, holy crap. I cannot type for shite.)

Anyway, the MacDermotts are back!

Last time: we had a boy! There was gardening, Dayton got old, and everyone was cute. Except when they let themselves get eaten by the cowplant.

Cayla -- this hair is so cute. I am in love.

Dayton -- damn he blinked. Laggy computer agghhhhh.

Eibhlin -- this hairrrrr. It's amazing.

Mckenzie -- d'awwww. Wish there were more toddler things.

And yep I did buy the Parenthood pack.

How could I resist? Look how cute they are!

Ahhh noooo game so laggy. -_-

. . . And look who got herself eaten by the cowplant.

Hey, a vampire I like! (Mostly because I created her when the Vampire pack came out, and she's one of my favorite Sims, I think.)

I appreciate you taking out the trash! You can go home, though, my game is too slow for this today.

Cayla set the table. Look how cute!

Hey, what're you doing with her journal? You don't need to be touching that.

(She went and put it on the bookshelf. I swear I got a picture of it, but. Whatever, I guess.)

Hi, Dayton!

Scribble scribble. Documenting her day.

Also, these pajamas are adorable.

Science project!

Dayton came to help. D'awwww.

Oh, that's neat! It spins and glows -- so cool!

Playing doctor. She got a sad moodlet because she couldn't cure it.

Empty house!

Wow I really need to do the roof up. Maybe a whole rebuild is in order.

Mckenzie and Arvin are at daycare while Dayton, Eibhlin, and Cayla volunteer.

They did the . . . Walk for a Cure, and Cayla got into a race with another Sim. It was awesome.

Packed lunch!

Oh, look who aged up! I missed the cake picture!

Mckenzie MacDermott, everyone. Her child trait is Cheerful, and she wants to be a Social Butterfly.

See? Sunshine.
And her eyebrows aren't at an angry tilt anymore. :P

Oh, and for comparison again:

Okay. So their mouths are definitely different, but their noses are the same. Eyes . . . it's hard to tell with Mckenzie looking off to the side like that -- I think hers might be a little narrower?


I was just amused at her grinning while her parents sadfaced all over the TV.

Another project!

 . . . Which, again, I swear there was a picture, but it's not in the folder. Damn.

It's a volcano, though. Sent home with her from school for extra credit.

Another age up! (I tried, okay? But my game froze, then played the little age up jingle, and suddenly Dayton and Arvin were across the room finishing the interaction. -_-)

Arvin MacDermott! He is a Silly little boy, and is just so happy to be held by his mother. <3

Oh, shit, I'm just dumb. Here's that volcano picture. It reacts, too, has some lava to run down the side when you trigger it. Looks awesome.

Short and crappy post, but my game is laggy and I probably need to restart my computer, so. Maybe a longer/better post later tonight?

Next time: Cayla's teen birthday, maybe? Maybe Eibhlin will finally age up to Adult? (I dunno, her Adult birthday is around the time of Mckenzie's teen, I think.) Gardening for sure, and I just realized there are no gardening pictures this post, wow. O_O


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