Monday, May 22, 2017

1.07: Toddler Spam


Last time: Cayla aged up, Dayton got briefly eaten by the cowplant, and Mckenzie was an adorable toddler.

This time? More adorable Mckenzie, probably Dayton's elder birthday, maybe a baby?

No confetti.


Annd she's too sad/uncomfortable to do it again.

Go to sleep, we'll work it out.

Leave. The cowplant. ALONE.

I will not mourn you if you die. Your gravestone will either be deleted or left in the family inventory for the rest of this legacy's days. No one will cry for you.

Try again!


She . . . she isn't joking, Dayton. You're gonna be Grandpa-Dad.

. . . Like father like daughter, I suppose.

Toddler spam now!

I wanna say this is the end, but it's not. I took so many pictures of Mckenzie and I am not sorry. She's adorable.

She looks so angry, and I'm pretty sure she's not just yet.

Now she is, because she's sleepy.

Okay, last Mckenzie picture for a little bit.


Eibhlin gardens, Dayton and Mckenzie play.

Bathroom hugs!

Guess whose birthday notification I got.


You have 3 perfectly good chairs in the main room. Why are you sitting on Mckenzie's bed?

Happy birthdayyyy tooooo yooouuuuuu . . .

I wanna yell at you to leave the cowplant alone, but this is the first time you've interacted with it.

They're so cute.

Dayton . . . you're old now. Be careful tossing the baby around like that.

Third trimester belly! She gets bigger with every pregnancy -- I'm just grateful she hasn't had twins!


The baby's coming!

I love her face whenever she's here.

IT'S A BOY! Meet Arvin MacDermott, everybody!

Autonomous hugs are the best hugs.

Also, looking at this picture now . . . y'all. Dayton's probably gonna die when Cayla's a teen. Probably while Mckenzie's a child and maybe when Arvin's a toddler.

I am not looking forward to this.

Mckenzie is not happy about her little brother.

Cayla is, though!

(Also: check out that baby weight on Eibhlin! There's a bit more to her than there was when we started.)

Oh my god child/toddler hugs are adorable. I didn't manage a picture but when Cayla lets go, Mckenzie seems to squeeze just a little tighter and it's so freaking cute.

And I think I'm gonna end it on the adorable sister hug.

And admit that when I roll toddler traits, I also roll the other traits and childhood and adulthood aspirations. And none of these kids are anything like each other.

I'm not gonna go into specific traits, but.

Cayla is a brat all the way through. Mckenzie is sunshine. Arvin is a dick. XD It's going to be amazing.

So. . . . . . . . that's all for now, folks!

Next time: Arvin's birthday, gardening, adorableness.

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