Sunday, May 21, 2017

1.06: Cowplant Obsession


Last time, we met Mckenzie, there was a small kitchen fire, we got a cowplant berry, and we gardened.

Let's see what this post brings us.

Cayla has met Mckenzie. She doesn't want to be a big sister.

Sorry, Cayla.

You've still got at least one more sibling coming.


I do believe that is some baby weight on her, now.

And apparently very few pictures were taken between Mckenzie's birth and her toddler birthday, because this is the last infanthood cuddle between father and daughter.


Mckenzie MacDermott (again). She rolled Charmer as her toddler trait.

Cayla's picture is here merely for comparison.

Looks like they have different mouths, but the same nose, and I think Cayla's eyes might be a little rounder?

And Mckenzie's eyebrows amuse me. She looks so angry. And all that red.

Picture of the house in its entirety. Two bathrooms, the master bedroom and a kid's bedroom, the living room/dining room/kitchen, and the nursery.

Jesminder came to say hi.


Just Cayla being cute. She can read now!

I love cowplants. I suck at keeping them alive, though. I always forget about them -- they end up so far away from the gardens, usually.

I have played in households with cowplants that I forgot there was a cowplant until a Sim had queued up 'eat the cake'. Then it was 'oh shit oh shit no no stay awaaayyyy from the plant, feed it this stuff instead'.

Anyway. The MacDermotts.

I would have Eibhlin and Dayton try for baby now that Mckenzie's a toddler, but I think I'll wait at least until Cayla's aged up to child.

Because I can just imagine the hell that is a pregnant Sim with 2 toddlers and dear god.

Also to let her age a little, since she stops aging when she's pregnant. Dayton is so close to being an elder, and she still has like 13 days before her Adult birthday. At this rate she's still going to be a YA when Cayla is.

Adorable Mckenzie. She gets kind of neglected for the rest of this post. Oops.

I've never had a Sim so obsessed with the cowplant before. She interrupted her gardening like four times to play with this thing.

Stop that! Go back to gardening and then go to bed!

Mom and toddler spam!

They're so cute.

Guess who got himself eaten before I could cancel the action.


(I don't pay him any more attention than I already was. As of the end of this post, he still has two days of that drained moodlet. Here's hoping he doesn't try to eat the cake again.)

Got Cayla's birthday notification! Dayton watches TV with the girls while Eibhlin makes the cake.

. . . Personally, I don't think I'd choose the room with a tile floor and ceramic furniture to roughhouse with my toddler, but to each their own.

I missed the candle blowing, but I got the sparkles!

Wow, you look pissed.

(Remnants of her last toddler moodlet -- sugar crash, from having fruit parfait for breakfast.)

Cayla MacDermott! She rolled Squeamish as her child trait, and her childhood aspiration is Whiz Kid.

 She's so freaking cute.

She does her homework at her desk! (But only because both chairs at the table were taken.)

Hey, look! It's a gardening picture! Without the watering can!

She looks upset.

Remove the nasty bowl from someone's breakfast and she's all smiles. Adorable.

Annnnnd uncomfortable again.

I appreciate it, Cayla.

Cloud gaze now. Become inspired and raise your creativity skill. Just 'cause.

So. Y'know that thing I said would happen when Cayla aged up?

Doo . . . doo doo doo dooo . . . We all know how this goes, right?

Annd that's all for now!

Next time: baby? Dayton's Elder birthday? (Probably. He's down to like, 3 days now.) Mckenzie's birthday?

Well. Guess we'll find out, eh? :P

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