Thursday, May 18, 2017

1.03: Baby!

Welcome back!

Last time: engagement, gardening, vampires, wedding, and fishing.

This time . . . Let's see, shall we?

Garden progress shot!

A little add-on to the house -- they don't have enough for anything bigger or decorated yet, but we all know babies are coming at some point.

And whole lot progress shot! I love how the roof is staggered. Totally didn't do that on purpose.

Hi, J!

Good morning, you two. Gardening and fishing, of course.

Note to self: delete that window and replace it with a door.

Quick stop home for eats and chats and flirts.

And kisses, of course.

Then I decide I'm bored with just these two.



Dayton! Don't pee on your wife!

Still peeing, Eibhlin announces. Dayton claps.

I don't think he even had to pee. I don't know why he followed her in and tried to pee on her.


Sell all the fish and plants in their inventories (and a very pricey frog, holy crap) and the nursery gets a little bigger.

Still very dark and lacking furniture, but that's okay.

More eats and chats -- their green bar isn't low, but I've never liked the pink bar being so much higher than it. You don't marry someone you only have pink bar with, dammit.

More fishing and harvesting (and actually this might be where she grabbed that frog and I sold it). Nursery now has a crib and a potty and they have a table to eat at! With a highchair.

Now I need to start thinking about heir rules. There's no trait needed for the next generation except 'marry someone who loves music or is creative' . . . I'll probably stick with 'first born inherits all' except in cases where particular traits are required. And in the case of twins . . . probably whichever one was named first.

Anyways, playing on.

And I proceed to take pictures rarely because the MacDermott family is a boring family, and now I'm just waiting for a baby.

I send Dayton to fish, and he's had this taco casserole in his inventory for like, two days now.

Eat it! :P

Eibhlin in the house, eating something of her own.

It's little, but I really like their dining area.

I am not even a little sorry for all the primary colors this house has.

Vom shot without the vom, because she darted off when I wasn't paying attention.

Talking to plants.

Baby bump! Into trimester two!

Dayton autonomously spams romantic actions while she's gardening. Adorable, but let her garden, man!

Darling was passing by, so I had Dayton be mischievous at her for a while. She liked it.

1) Darling said she had to go like, 20 minutes ago.

2) This is gonna get real awkward real quick if you keep flirting with an unflirty Sim between you.

Announcing her pregnancy, because she can and Darling still hasn't left.

Why . . . You barely even know these people, what are you so excited for?

She got up and I figured she'd left so the adorable couple got to do some cute things on the couch before going to bed.

(Darling actually didn't leave until almost midnight.)

Next day! Gardening, our resident Neat Sim mopping the grass while he waits for her to talk to him, and baby bump!

Later, I get pulled in because there's a clown -- maybe supposed to be like Ronald McDonald? -- on the TV.

Why are they interviewing Ronald McDonald.

Autonomous kisses!

Then we got invited to the gym and I figure why not? Gets us off the home lot for once.

Lilith immediately comes to train Dayton, and Eibhlin naps. She can't work out anyway because baby -- I only brought her along in case she went into labor.

Do not be fooled by their smiles. J and Eibhlin don't like each other. I looked up and their relationship bar is red. Whio started it is the real question.

Then, timeskip!

Eibhlin was invited to the flea market by Katrina Caliente, so we went. On our way to haggle with the food vendor . . .


In reality, Katrina would have taken her to the hospital and Dayton would have had to catch up. In the Sims? Ditch Katrina and gather up Dayton!

Pre-parental panic, good cheer, and 'oh god I'm having a baby'.

It took a while before Eibhlin actually remembered why she was here. She was gonna try and play a game on the computer first.

Hi, Dayton!

Immediately after this picture was taken, I got to watch him panic through that little window.

And roll of the name die and we have . . . a little girl!

Meet Cayla, everyone!

And we end this part with Dayton snuggling his little girl while she screams.

Next time: gardening, fishing, baby care, birthday, a second baby? Maybe?

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