Tuesday, May 16, 2017

1.0: Eibhlin MacDermott

Hello, hello! So, I'm going to try this legacy thing again, apparently. I have a new computer and all the stuff/game/expansion packs for the Sims 4 -- let's do this.

So, first, our founder:

Meet Eibhlin MacDermott. She's loosely based off an original character of mine (the alleged "Chosen One" of a world that's had about a thousand "Chosen One"s so far), and I'm already quite attached.

She's Good, Cheerful, and a Geek who aspires to be a Freelance Botanist.

Her new home in Oasis Springs -- pre-build.  Her first action?

Browsing the web on her phone. Probably looking for a new place.

But, wait! There's more -- don't go running away yet!

Walls up

Walls down
See, this is gonna be a Differences in the Family Tree challenge (pulling the adaptation from here) and I didn't see any mention of how much money you're allowed to start with, so I just. Built. And, with the house built (and those trees in the back bought), she's down to just over 600 simoleans.

Oh, crap. She's gonna need planters. Or a computer. Some way of buying seeds to start her garden. Then mate hunting.

Sooooooo . . . . See y'all on the real first post?

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