Friday, May 19, 2017

1.04: D'awwwww

Hello, hello! The MacDermotts are back!

Last time we were introduced to lovely baby girl, Cayla.

This time, definitely toddler Cayla, and maybe a younger sibling? Might wait for a little further into her toddler time, though, because two toddlers is a lot. (And I may have burned myself out on the toddler enjoyment in another save because holy crap every household had a toddler)

So, right into it!

Cuddle-cuddle-feed-diaper change.

Stop crying, Cayla.

Immediately upon waking, Dayton rolls a wish to try for another child. Can you at least wait until your eldest is out of the bassinet, please?

D'awwww. You're so cute. Even with those awful sideburns. (I can't figure out why they suit him so well. They just do.)

And, hey, in the span of a couple photos, the nursery's changed! There's a toddler bed, and some windows, and a couple wall decals, too!

Okay, I exaggerated a little. But here's Cayla's little corner of the room.

And they have both officially rolled the wish to try for baby. Patience!

Neither adult in the house leads an interesting life, so several days pass . . .

Dayton gets sent to the park to fish for a cowplant berry. It's part of Eibhlin's last milestone, and she's not the one with fishing skill.

I literally spend like 24 Sim hours at the park with him and all he gets is fish.

How is it that one of my very first Sims, with like, level 2 fishing skill could get a cowplant berry, but my level 7 fisherman can't?


He did catch a fish worth over 1,000 simoleans, though!

I never do the mounting thing, but. Rainbow fish! I had to.

Annnd then Cayla's portrait stopped turning blue when she needed something and I got two notifications that she was very hungry and would be taken away if I didn't feed her. So we're aging her up!

One last cuddle as an infant before toddlerhood!

D'aww. I love the toddler age-up. Could have sworn I got a picture of him catching her after her somersault, though.

Meet Cayla MacDermott, everyone! She rolled Fussy as her toddler trait, and is getting the same yellow-and-blue themed wardrobe as her mother. Because it's adorable.

Her first action out of the cradle?

Taking a nap in her big girl bed.

And that's gonna end it for the night, I think.

Next time: a new baby, toddler cuteness, and gardening, probably. And fishing for that damn cowplant berry.


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