Tuesday, May 16, 2017

1.01: Moving Fast

Hello again! Playing and posting because I can -- and I really don't feel like waiting until I get off work tomorrow to try and remember things. :P

First order of business: buying some planters.

Of course, buying these gets Eibhlin down to 20 simoleans, which means she can't afford even one packet of seeds. Oh, the tragedy!

So, she's sent off to collect a thing or two to sell for the monies.

Okay, see this rocky lump thing? That is Sadnum. It's worth 155 simoleans. Holy crap.

Sold! Now to buy and plant some seeds.

Oh, but of course, first comes the welcome wagon.

Who's this fellow? I like his look!
Oh, no, he's married. That's upsetting.

Hello, Katrina!

The wife. Man, she's cute, too.
If Eibhlin were the homewrecking type . . . or if she were allowed to woohoo before marriage, he would be ours. But alas! The rules! And Eibhlin's goodness.

We'll find someone.

But! For now, gardening! Everyone's gone home and we're on our own.

Out to plant, to plant, to plant, to plant some lovely plants.

Do you see the little lightbulbs and things around her plumbob? I admit to using that great soil lot trait. Because I've literally never used it before. I don't have many gardening Sims -- they're hard to keep up in this game!

Pee break

And now to water!

And then . . . Straight to the TV


I know by now we've all seen the earwax-into-salad thing, and yet. Here I am, throwing pictures of it in here.

Already resorting to watching for guys passing by. Hey, Mitchell Kalani! I don't remember your traits but I have you in a household in another save! You're lovely! I'll have to keep you in mind.

Look who else is out and about! His name's Brad Ng, by the way. His wife is Alissa.

We invite him in -- just for chats. (And she puts down her salad to follow him into the house. Why.)

Annnd . . . . he's a stay-at-home father. He's got a kid. There go any fledgling thoughts about stealing him away.

Okay. Moving on.

We head to the park to meet strangers.

Hey, it's Brad and Alissa's kid, Carmelo.

Okay, he's cute.

I'll stop fixating on the Ng family now, promise.

Check this guy out! Dayton Serrano is his name.

The sideburns have already grown on me. Oh, no.

Chat-chat-chat. Go away, Wolfgang, no one wants you here.

There was another dude I was gonna have her chat with, too, but there was a woman across the street with the same last name and, in this game, the chances of them having the same last name and not being married is very, very slim.

Too bad. He wasn't redheaded or brown-eyed. Would have added some variation to the gene pool.

He left -- Dayton and Wolfgang -- but Eibhlin's smilin'! She's super cute, even with my game refusing to show the freckles I gave her.

Okay, time to head home, girl. Your energy's in the yellow and you've got gardening to do. And mate-hunting, still, if Dayton isn't the One.

Home, bed, watch the plants grow freakishly fast annnnd . . .


Fruit salad.

Freaky-fast growing garden. We water two plants and voila! Onto the next milestone of her aspiration!

Invite Dayton over and chat through the very colorful closed door. Because that's how I like to talk to my friends, y'know?

Yay, he came inside! Chat-chat, flirt-flirt.

Oh and we need a light by the front door, wow. Very dark.

Exchanging numbers. Yesssss, be pulled in by the pretty redhead with the slightly gap-toothed smile. (Seriously, my favorite mouth/teeth option is the one with the very slight gap between the front teeth. I also really like the braces and giant gap where teeth should be for teens/children.)

And first kiss!

He went to watch TV, Eibhlin immediately distracts him with seductive whispering.

And then making it official.

Her eyes got very big. She doesn't pout like my Zavanella women did in this situation. Still very cute.

And asking him to move in, because yes, please!

He says yes, we get the loading screen, annnd . . . he was not the only Sim in his household. No epic income with his move. :/

And now I'm dying to know his old roommate's relationship to him, because they share a last name, but could not look less alike, so they probably aren't related.

Anyway! Dayton is Good, Gloomy, and Neat, and aspires to be the Chief of Mischief. And apparently the roommate was just that. A roommate. With the same last name.

Okay! Two days in and Eibhlin's got a live-in boyfriend and the garden is well on its way!

Next time: a proposal, maybe a wedding, and maybe babies? Definitely gardening. Maybe getting Dayton a job? If that's allowed? I don't think the rules state explicitly that the spouse can't work, but. Dunno. Maybe he'll just be my fisherman and make money that way? I mean, one of the optional goals is to have the spouse master the fishing skill.

I'll figure it out. See ya next time!

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