Saturday, May 20, 2017

1.05: What an Adorable Brat


Last time: Cayla grew up into an adorable brat (fussy toddlers will be the end of me, oh my god), there was gardening that went unpictured and fishing.

This time: baby! And other things.

First action of this play session: try for baby. We need a boy!

Baby number two is on the way!

Apparently Dayton's face is now a plumbob.

This whole post is mostly Cayla spam. I am not sorry. She is adorable.

Autonomous affection! <3

So cute.

Bath time!

This post will also be mostly me saying 'so cute'.

I apologize now, because that has been pretty much every post so far, and I don't see that changing soon. :P

Bedtime for crabby-pants.


Potty training.


She and Brad Ng went to see a play or something. Eibhlin did not like it, apparently. (Also, morning sickness at nighttime. Because baby!)

Why so sad?

I don't think he's ready for another baby. Cayla is a handful, lemme tell ya.

She's a cute handful, though.

Even when she cries.

Hey, a gardening picture! Because the garden does still exist! (It's never gonna have every plant. Just gonna say that now.)

Obligatory vom shot. With the vom this time because I saw it coming.


Okay, so I took this to explain why Eibhlin barely shows in this post, but . . . she shows up more often than I thought as I played.

But yeah. If there's a time Eibhlin doesn't actually show a lot in a post, it's because she's sleeping a lot. Because this pregnancy is being tough on her, wow.

Hey, Dayton's not a plumbob anymore! Hi, Dayton!

He spends a lot of time fishing, so here's his face.


Bedtime story. <3

The house. Added a child's room and a second bathroom Bathroom is unfurnished but for a sink because they ran out of money.


(By the end of this session, that bathroom has a toilet and a shower, but I didn't take pictures.)

So I missed the actual thing, but can you guess what happened here?

She literally took one bite of the food, then shoved it off the side. What a brat.

My absolute favorite toddler interaction. <3

Look what Dayton caught! :D :D :D


Don't die, okay, Eibhlin?

A little late -- the fire's out now -- but I appreciate the thought, Dayton. Getting your daughter away from the flames is a great idea.

Welp. *Replaces fridge*

This would be even more adorable if they had the funds to replace the stove.

But! Family breakfast!

The fire made Cayla sad, so Dayton tried to comfort her.

She doesn't want it.


He's either gonna buy a soda, or clean the receptionist's counter.

(Spoiler: he cleans the counter. Then plays video games while Eibhlin gives birth.)

You'd think having had Cayla already, she wouldn't look so unsure this time.

Oh, wow, you're huge. Did you get that big with Cayla?

AND WE HAVE .. . .

Another girl.

A roll of the name die and . . .

Meet Mckenzie MacDermott, all!

I look forward to seeing her adorable toddler face.

Next time: Mckenzie's toddler birthday, possibly Cayla's child birthday, cowplant, and maybe another try for baby? We do still need a boy, and Dayton won't be young forever. He's only a week away from his elder birthday.

We'll see!

See ya next time!

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