Wednesday, May 17, 2017

1.02: Gardening is Expensive

Hi again!

Last time, Eibhlin moved in, gardened, and got a live-in boyfriend.

This time: more gardening, some fishing, and a proposal, maybe?

Dayton got a bit of a makeover, but got to keep the sideburns. I wasn't lying when I said they were growin' on me.

He makes a salad, walks away to pee, and Eibhlin takes a serving and puts the rest in the fridge.

Instead of taking out the leftovers like Sims usually do, this tit makes a whole new meal. Why, Dayton?

I basically leave him to himself all day, then send him off to fish behind the Caliente house. Because optional goals and money.

While he fishes, Eibhlin goes around collecting things and harvesting the wild plants around their neighborhood.

Check it out: Amethyst worth 55 and Romantium worth 150. Why are these things worth so much?

D'awww. Aren't they cute?

. . . I got spoiled by having aging off in another save -- they need at least one boy and one girl and I am very bad at getting two genders per generation, generally. I need to get them married so they can start on that bit before they (coughDaytoncough) get old.

(AKA Dayton is full on Adult rather than a Young Adult and is like, 16 days from his Elder stage, oops.)

In the morning, we brave the stove for some eggs and toast.

You are not inspiring confidence, Eibhlin.

But hey, no fire!

These pictures are gonna get real old, real quick. If they're not already. But here, have a picture of Eibhlin watering her plants.

This part of Oasis Springs is really pretty. That first picture has tiny Dayton fishing and tiny Eibhlin running around for harvestables.

Run, run, as fast as you can!

Plant that lemon. We'll have to find more plants to join that onion behind you. It looks lonely.

If that last picture didn't make it clear enough, we bought two more planters. Thought it'd look weird to have some plants in planters and others on the ground.

That was the real reasoning behind fishing and gathering -- planters are expensive and they had all of like, 20 simoleans after buying them.

Okay, all the plants are watered and none have weeds yet -- it's time for some couple bonding, I think.

To the lake he's been fishing at. Because it's pretty and a far more interesting backdrop than the brick walls of their house.

She caresses his cheek and he turns into goo.

Kisses by the water.

And we all know what's coming. Pardon the lousy pictures of the next interaction -- I tried to get good ones but the camera decided to stutter around and the pause was just a little delayed and agh.

That doesn't look like the usually gooey-eyed look Sims get . . .

Hey, you wanna let go of the ring, Eibhlin? Let him put it on?

What, no leaping into his arms? But I like that part of it. It's cute.

D'aww! So cute.

Wedding now or wedding later?

Hmm . . .


Home for an eat,

a sleep,

And then -- NO. I said nothing about a vampire feeding!


Leave Dayton alone!

((Wasn't it Eibhlin you were complimenting the neck of? Why Dayton tonight?)

God your dark form is ugly.

He feeds and leaves -- but he says he'll be back. What the hell, man. Leave my family alone, Vlad!

What a jerk.

But! Jerky vampires aside . . .

Eibhlin wakes up, totally oblivious to what happened as she slept last night.

She has evolved 5 plants, completing half of her second milestone.

Look who's awake and showered and smiling! And look at those bite marks!

And now, the wedding.


Annnd they've both had the whim to woohoo with one another for a couple days now, so . . .

We'll do a try for baby later. Right now they can enjoy their newlywed bliss.

So! That ends it for tonight, I think. Or, since I don't work tomorrow, maybe I'll do another one -- we'll find out.

Next time: gardening, fishing, babies?

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