Tuesday, June 13, 2017

1.09: All the Birthdays

Hello! The MacDermotts are coming back again!

Last time: Arvin aged up to toddler, Mckenzie became a child, and everyone got makeovers because I bought Parenthood. There was also gardening, but I didn't take any pictures. Oh, and the lag.

But hey! No lag this time! :D

A gardening picture to start us off, since none happened last time.

You can't tell from her face, but Cayla is now an A student! With four days until her Teen birthday!

Look who mastered gardening! AND completed her aspiration!

Her new aspiration is Super Parent. Whee!

So, they were all volunteering at the soup kitchen, but then the chef made the mistake of asking Mckenzie how the soup tasted and got offended, so she got kicked out.

Don't ask a child for their opinion unless you're prepared for some brutal honesty, chef. Your soup was salty, and so are you.

Will the cowplant die if it's put in the family inventory? Because this thing is always hungry and I'm getting tired of seeing dirty Sims with the drained moodlet. -_-

No monsters, just hiding their journals before school.

Just for the house to get totally made over. And new beds from the pack for the girls. So they each got a new journal.

I accidentally spent all their money (21k to begin with because Eibhlin's garden is amazing), so it's dark and the living/dining room/kitchen is pretty bare, but the kids' rooms! I am proud of them.

I am not ashamed of the master bedroom having the same wallpaper as the kids' bathrooms. It's my new fave.

So this is the girls' room -- because screw it, they can share.

Cayla's side is to the left, with the blue. Mckenzie's is to the right, with the red.

Arvin's room! With a very red floor because I forgot his color is supposed to be yellow and am too lazy to change it. Still looks good, if I say so myself.

But dear lord they need money. Down to 23 simoleans.


Lots of time passes between pictures, whoops.

Even with two children and a toddler their lives are boring.

Teaching Arvin his manners! They're so cute.

Also their hairs are like, identical. She has the grown up version of Arvin's hair.

How did I not realize that earlier?

(I kinda feel like this means when Arvin's a teen, I need to give him Eibhlin's hair. Because that would be amazing, probably.)

(We'll see when he ages up that far.)

. . . . . . .

God dammit, Eibhlin.

The cowplant may actually end up in the family inventory. I will test the lifespan of an inventoried cowplant.

They were fighting and using forbidden words, so time outs were passed.

Meanwhile, Arvin and Dayton are adorable.


She's starting a phase, and every time I tell her to do homework, she does this. -_-

. . . Why am I having you do this? It's Friday night. The girls don't have school tomorrow.

This is so cute. Doctor Mckenzie is in the building!

Honestly, you two. Cool it.

I don't know why they come out here to nap and play rather than stay at home.

Getting away from the baby brother, maybe?

But now Cayla's going through a clingy phase -- she should be staying as close to Eibhlin (her highest relationship in the household) as possible.

Oh, no. His bar is sparkling.

I'm not ready for him to go.

I am very attached.

Mckenzieeeeeeeee. You're supposed to be the good kid.

Scold scold.

Clean up.

There's a -- no there's two -- no, THREE birthdays coming up!

Eibhlin is FINALLY aging up to Adult, Cayla is aging up to Teen, and Arvin is aging up to Child.



He looks so sad. Why are you sad, Dayton?

She, like, glitched out for a moment there. Do not try to age up with a plate in your hand.

Can't you just feel the excitement from these two?

There we go!

Thought she was about to blow out the candles -- she's pitching a fit instead.

There we go!

Ignore pre-makeover Cayla.

Also, yeah, no, I never went into CAS with toddler Arvin. Never really felt like it. His clothes were all okay, if you can ignore the sunglasses on his sleepwear.

Cayla! She is now a Squeamish Snob who aspires to be a Mansion Baron.

She's adorable.

(Oh! Now I can tell whose nose the girls have! That is Eibhlin's! But that is not Eibhlin's mouth, I don't think -- and there's no way that Mckenzie has it, either. But their mouths were shaped differently as children!)

(Will need to see when she is not smiling. Hmmmm.)

Arvin! He's an Evil child with the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.

He's cute. Not sure if he's too cute to be evil, though.

(He must have Dayton's nose then. Cute. <3)

Mckenzie, for a comparison.

Different noses, same mouth, and her eyes are definitely bigger than his.

They're all super cute.

(And I swear they all have freckles! They don't show up in screenshots for some reason! ;_;)

And Adult Eibhlin.

Funny thing: I somehow forgot that she wasn't aging into Elder this time, so when she stopped spinning and still had red hair and only a couple wrinkles I was extremely confused.

Annnd I was gonna end it here, but then I went back into the game and pictures happened.


Why the hell is there a monster under your bed. I have the light thing for a reason, game!


Cayla left her journal out, so Mckenzie snooped.

It's been a -- oh. Oh, it died.

What the hell.

We have an A student!

She brought home a project and I took loads of pictures. Brace yourself.

And then I heard music and a notification popped up and -- no! I'm not ready!

Plead, plead!


The rest of the family was off volunteering -- Mckenzie was the only one that went to school because of the others' birthdays.


Eibhlin, what the hell. That was your HUSBAND.

You were rolling wishes to try for baby daily!

Why are you grinning?

There we go.


Absolutely no one got a mourning moodlet, though. Not even Mckenzie, who witnessed it!

Is it because it happened off the home lot?

I mean, yay no two days of sobbing, but they all seem so unaffected.

Except Eibhlin and Arvin, who go out and cry at the gravestone like, three times a day.

Oh, that looks cool.

You're stealing your little brother -- oh, wait, no. That's your journal. What was your journal doing in Arvin's bed?

And why is Arvin's journal greyed out? Why can't I select it?

Welp. Sorry, Arvin. You don't get to journal anymore.


It's after midnight, so I think Imma end it now. The kids are at school, Dayton is dead, and Eibhlin is . . . mourning or sleeping or gardening or something.

Next time: Mckenzie's birthday, almost for sure. More gardening. Possibly Cayla aging up to Young Adult. Most likely deciding for sure if Cayla is heiress.

See ya!

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