Friday, June 16, 2017

1.11: Cute Potential Spouses

Hello again!

It's already 1:30 am when I'm starting this post and I have a 9 am shift.

I am going to regret this decision.

But! The MacDermotts!

Last time: there was ghost woohoo, Mckenzie became a picky eater then aged up into a teen, Arvin went through a bear phase, Cayla and Mckenzie broke curfew and got grounded, and everyone was super tense.

Let's see what this session brings us!

The girls playing video games!

. . . I think we can see who's winning.

Meanwhile, Eibhlin and Arvin have some breakfast!

Annd gardening while the kids are at school.

Cayla's an A student now! Just a day or so before her YA birthday!


Just a couple pictures to show that Dayton's gravestone does still exist. It's just . . . hidden at Arvin's bedroom window.

Birthday time!

Mckenzie's there, just in the corner with a book and no expression.

Arvin is now a Mean, Evil teen who wants to become a Friend of the World.

Because that's not contradictive or anything.

Cayla was supposed to be Lazy, but I didn't get the chance to give her that trait because of the three bonus traits from Parenthood?

She is Responsible, Compassionate, and Emotional Control. (That made no sense grammatically, but that's what the trait is.)

Picture just 'cause.

They did a volunteer thing right before the birthdays, and since Arvin is Evil, he gets super angry about helping people.

Cute Teen Alert!

Go talk to her, Arvin!

Getting scolded because he's out after 11 -- the new curfew that's been set.

Anything to get Eibhlin to Parenting level 10 for her second aspiration.

Cayla gets Parenting skill now that she's a YA!

She's also getting calls from the school about her siblings. She only gets one option for resolving it, though, which makes sense because "The hell am I gonna do about it? Call our mother, she's the one that's in charge, here!"

All the parent-to-grown-up-child interactions.

Ask about future plans, bring up embarrassing childhood moments, give family advice, etc.

And home to play with the Lego.

Mate hunting! Kind of. In case she's heiress.

This is Carmelo Ng. He's cute, okay? And a YA, which hopefully means she won't be a young widow like Eibhlin.

This is . . . I have forgotten her first name, oh no. Her last name is Norris, though, and she's super cute.

Mckenzie invited over a classmate. Roden, I think is his name?

He's also pretty cute.

And I think I've only given new outfits to a few teenage/YA boys but I have already overused this outfit because it's one of my favorites.

School project!

Mckenzie got one, too, but was too tired and tense to work on it right away. Plus, y'know, friend over.

Video games!

Apparently it's 'gather around Arvin's chemical experiment' time.

Mckenzie is to construct a bridge, and Cayla decided to help all on her own!

Whoa. Who changed the Lego house and when and how?

Went ahead and got Cayla a job in the Entertainment career.

If she is heir, I want her to have a shot at the actual thing, y'know? And if she's not, well, who says she can't also be a musician? No rules against that.

She starts at level 3 for some reason -- C-Lister.

Annd out to flirt with Carmelo.

First kiss!

And now she's got a boyfriend!

And now he's her fiancé.

I didn't set out to do this, I swear.

He's not moving in until I figure out who inherits the legacy.

But! His traits fit!

Carmelo Ng is a Cheerful, Music Loving Bookworm, and god knows what his aspiration is, but Music Lover! That's one of the traits the challenge wants the gen 2 spouse to have! And since I totally failed that one in gen 1 . . .

Although I think I might like to get away from red hair and brown eyes for gen 3 . . .

We'll see.

Sent Cayla to the art museum or whatever in san Myshuno because I don't feel like spending money on instruments.

She gets to level 3 guitar, yaaay!

Then it's time for a pee break . . .

And coffee.

Aight, now it's after 2 am. I have a shift starting in 7 hours, which means I have to be up in 6. Gross.

I'm off to bed.

Next time: Mckenzie's birthday, probably. Passing of the torch. Most likely Cayla getting married. Probably gardening -- because it makes so much money you guys. They have over 5k in the bank right now and every cent is from Eibhlin's little garden. It's amazing. One grape is worth over like, 300 simoleans.

Anyway, G'night! I'm out!

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