Tuesday, July 18, 2017

2.02: Moody Toddler

Hi! I'm back from vacation! It was awesome -- even with the stalker-ish  security at the last casino we stayed at.

My predictions were correct. I hardly touched my computer and my phone. The desert does not make for very good reception. So it's been a week since I played Sims, and a week since I've done any real writing -- this'll be nice. Annd it's official: I am terrible at NaNo stuff and will never actually hit any word count goal I set for myself. (I say, as if there's not still nearly half a month left.)

Last time: BABY! Terrible hospital practices!

Let's get into this session!

Okay, so this is the only one I took a picture of, but every sink in the house breaks at least twice throughout this session.

Kristi is still in the cradle, and somehow more cute while in it than any infant I've had in any Sims game.


I love this family.

Also, obligatory gardening shot. XP


How freakin' cute!

Way to make me sad you weren't alive to meet her, you asshole.

Noo, Carmeloooooo. We only have one required child this gen. Why are you -- okay. If Cayla wishes to try for another before her Adult birthday, I'll grant it. Sound fair? (His whim disappears after I reopen the save because of a thing, but I'll stick to this. It's been ages since I've played a household with only one kid.)

1) It's official. Kristi has everyone in the household completely enamored.

2) Age up cuddle! Grandma does the honors!

She is adorable.

The first thing she does is go out to the living room to make a mess. ._.

Meet little Kristi MacDermott, our Independent toddler.

Taking a nap.

Not shown through the rest of this session: how often she's curled up in bed. If she's not sleeping, she's eating, and occasionally she plays at the Lego table.

Her energy goes down faster than any other Sim I've ever played.

She also really loves her grandmother. :)

It took me a while to notice that this changed from a castle to a town front. It's gotta be doing this by itself. My Sims don't spend any time at this table to change it.

Angry because she's hungry.

Her expressions change so quickly!

She's angry because of hunger. She's happy because food. She's sad because of a potty accident. And happy because food again.


Carmelo tries to comfort her while she's sad and angry and gets pushed away.

Poor Daddy.

After she's gotten some sleep, she lets Grandma hug her.

Then they play.

Eibhlin has that moodlet that talks about how big a toddler's getting -- no, she's not been a toddler more than a couple days. Your back hurts because you're old now, sweetheart.

Eibhlin does some feeding of the toddler while I make Cayla do some gardening. Eibhlin's a little over 90 days old now. It's just a matter of time before she won't be around to take care of it anymore.

Couch naps!

And promotion! Carmelo is now a Field Agent!\

Ah, no! Don't burn to death, Carmelo!

Yay, Cayla!

Annd we need piano skill for work -- she's been due for a promotion for the last like, three days. It's only this one skill point keeping that from happening.

But. Gonna end it here for now.

Next time: Maybe Kristi's birthday? Almost definitely saying goodbye to Eibhlin -- I got her notification near the end of this session. :( Maybe another baby? We'll see!

See ya later!

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