Saturday, August 12, 2017

2.03: What Just Happened?

How's everyone doing today?

This post has been started as a draft for about two weeks now. Camp NaNo ended, and I was still a little over 1,000 words off from my goal. Work has been really draining considering I sit on my ass and stare at a computer screen? (I blame the fact my shift starts at 6:30 in the morning.)

Suffice to say, Sims has not been at the top of my priority list, since I don't get home 'till almost 6 pm and then all I wanna do is sleep.

Anyway! You're not here for the simmer!

Wanna see what the MacDermotts are up to?

Last time: Kristi aged up to Toddler and was very moody, all the sinks broke, and Dayton came by to meet his granddaughter. And there was a fire, but no one died.

This time: other than saying goodbye to Eibhlin . . . let's find out!

This is Amelia, Mckenzie's daughter! She's cute, right?

Arvin and Angel have two sons -- Marquis and Dominick, I believe are their names. Their pictures later, probably.

It's a rocket now!

This thing is so cool. XP ((I'm actually just easily amused, but shhhhh. Lookit the rocket.))

Dayton came around, so he and Eibhlin are talking while Carmelo helps Kristi out with the blocks. Cayla's asleep in the bedroom.

Annd this is where I got super distracted by my brother and cats fighting outside my window and then super sleepy, so. With at least 24 hours between play sessions . . .

Promotion! Level 7, baby!

The house got a bit of  makeover. Because Cayla's promotion reward was a piano and it wouldn't fit anywhere.

Video games with the toddler. What a fantastic father.

Okay, seriously. He is amazing with the baby.

Cayla focuses on her skill building.

Annnd middle of the day and Kristi's out for the count.

Gardening with the mother-in-law!

Eating while she works out!

Then playing with his daughter while they wait for food.

More piano, and then Serious Adult Chats with her mother.

They flirt while Eibhlin teaches Kristi how to apologize.

Mckenzie invited her over, but is nowhere to be found. But here's Gideon and Amelia! Mckenzie's little family is quite cute.

Wait. No.



There's Carmelo. :(

Oh, nooooo! I didn't know toddlers could be affected! No it's so sad!



Grim, you dick!

Yes! Leave!

Hey, Dayton. Trying to wake the wife?

I like to think he's mourning Eibhlin, but it's just as possible he's crying over his own grave. (Even though he's never done that before. This is the Sims.)

I'm so sad. Talk to your father.

A little bit of joy.

And right back to sadness.

This is upsetting!

Birthday time!

She looks cute! Into CAS!




I'm gonna end this here, it's like fifty pictures and a really weird glitch.

Probably I'm gonna age Kristi up again immediately, since she's supposed to be a child right now. Eibhlin will . . . just hang around until she dies again, I guess.


Next time: Kristi's child look and trait, Eibhlin's second death, probably, and . . . uhm. Oh! Cayla's Adult birthday, too. She's like, four days away -- unless that reset, too.

This is an upsetting glitch.

Until next time!

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