Sunday, August 20, 2017

2.05: Bonding

Hello, hello!

Last time: Eibhlin died a second time, Kristi became a child again, and everyone got a little makeover.

This time: Cayla will age up to Adult. Carmelo might become an Elder. The household funds might reach 50k. Maybe a house rebuild? To actually fit the whole 'second gen is not first gen' thing? (Don't hold me to that last thing. It's taken ages to get to the 30k they have now, and the 50 needs to be there when Cayla dies. If I use it up rebuilding the house, I may never get it back. XP)

So! Let's get to it!

There's something kinda . . . creepy about the fact that anyone walking past their house can look into Kristi's room.


Best career reward ever.

Also . . . So much blue. O_O


And Kristi is a B student! :D

Can you guess whose birthday it is?

Carmelo made the cake . . .

And Cayla blew out the candles as soon as she walked through the door.

I was so afraid she'd age up before she got home -- isn't the usual time around 8 pm? -- because she worked until 9.

More couple-y gardening in an attempt to make it go faster.

She's super close to mastering her creativity skill, and still has 6 days until her Teen birthday!

Jazzing up the place. I love it.

Amazing how an actual child's drawing can make this board infinitely cuter than the photograph things.

Ignore his earbuds a sec and just . . . look at the pretty serenading hearts. Admire the cute.

Hugs! Father daughter bonding!

Kristi doesn't have a particularly high relationship with either of her parents, but her relationship with Carmelo is quite a bit lower than with Cayla.

Promotion! She's level 9 now!

So . . . Close.

Mckenzie invited her out to celebrate, so we took Oliva, Raquel, and Aili along, too. Made it a proper Girl's Night.

Annd wow. A real party up in here. O_O

Then home and immediately to sleep.

More father daughter bonding.

I . . . don't remember why I took this picture.

She's writing a song! It's the most repetitive thing.

Go awayyyyyyyyyyy.

This is a post that's like 50% Carmelo and Kristi hanging out.

Another family dinner! Just. With everyone with a different meal on their plates.

Look who came over to hang out!

They have a secret handshake! :D

Hugs all around!


It'd be super awesome if you helped out here, Eibhlin. This little garden should not take so long to take care of.

And creativity has been mastered! Time to work on adult skills! (Only a few days 'till her birthday. She's not gonna master any other child skills.)

A student! Also, no idea where this outfit came from!

That's better. Also: school project!

Then I went into manage worlds/household and . . . lookit the cousins!

Dominick. Grew up to be Cheerful.

Marquis grew up to be quite the Bookworm.

And little Isla is a Glutton.

Amelia is still a child, so no pictures of her this time.

Dayton's here!

Meet your father in law, Carmelo.

Dayton was on the couch until Kristi came over with her homework.

He's realized there is no escape. His granddaughter will talk to him one way or another.


Don't die, Carmelo. I'll be so sad.

They're adorable.

Maybe it's Kristi doing all the adorable, though. She's super cute.

((Forgive the walls being down. Her room is not built well for walls up photos.))

I'm proud of you, Cayla. You have a lovely family.

And by the end of this post, the MacDermotts have a little over 50k in their household funds. :D

Does that all have to stay there until Cayla dies? Or is it just '50k has been reached, goal is met, you are free to spend'? Because I really wanna do a house revamp, but I also really like meeting these goals.

(Will probably say 'screw it, I hit 50k' and redo the house anyway. Guess we'll see in the next posts.)

So! That's it for now!

Next time: Kristi and Carmelo will age up! Possible house renovation! Beginning on generation 3 goals! More spare updates! (Because if Kristi's gonna be a teen, so is Amelia. If she's not already.) Hopefully Cayla reaching level 10 in her career!

We'll find out for sure when we get there, assuming my internet keeps working. For now,

See you later!

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