Thursday, August 31, 2017

3.01: Went Faster Than Expected

Hello, hello!

Last time: Kristi got a couple boyfriends, then aged up, Carmelo died. :( Annd . . . I think that's pretty much everything.

This time: hopefully 4 kisses with 4 different Sims, some woohoo, maybe husband #1?

Let's find out!

Oh, oh. Just realized I never said what Kristi's YA trait is. That would be Noncomittal, which just makes her perfect for this generation, doesn't it?


First thing I did was replace the restaurant  Kristi went to with Roger so that maybe there wouldn't be anymore disastrous dates. Then I went and checked out the spares' families.

Isla's a Teen! She's now a Loner. And super pretty.

And Amelia's a YA now, and added Kleptomaniac to her traits.

The spares' kids are all so pretty.

Set Kristi to writing so she can help out with the funds.

((Which, oh yeah, they're back up to 50k, so. :P Cayla brings home almost 3k every night, it's awesome.))

I sent her off around town to maybe meet some guys.

This one's cute, but I really wanna get away from the red hair for this generation. Get some variety!

Also, he's pretty bad at massages, so. I think she'll pass, dude.

Into the sauna~

Starts chatting with blond man.

Yoga class! It's been ages since I last sent my Sims to a spa.

((Which I feel like I should mention was downloaded from the gallery. It's called Pebble Burrow Spa, and it was created by 56caitlin56.))

Does . . . does anyone wanna do what the instructor's doing?

. . . Kristi's gaining wellness skill, but no one's doing yoga.


On a date!

This is also a restaurant off the gallery, The Brickhouse, created by JO7274. Lovely place.

Oh, that food looks good. I want steak now, holy crap.

Also, that waiter stood there the entire time.

Our date went to the bathroom, so she immediately tried to turn her charm onto the stalker-y waiter.

Who will not be fooled, since he literally stood there and watched her flirt with potential husband #1 all night.

The date ends gold, which gives us 1/10 gold dates.

 They still haven't kissed yet, which still leaves us at 2/6.

But, hey, there's still an entire play session to be done. Let's see what happens. ((Cue 48+ hour break because wow I can't play Sims at normal hours and hey work is a thing, still.))

Hey, dude! Kristi was just about to call you!

3/6! Halfway there!

Annd boyfriend #3!

Just a woohoo, not try for baby.


1) You two are not sneaky.

2) Dude. You are a Mess.

And because I'd like to get part of this goal done . . .


Why would -- he must be a shitty mood. Or his noncommittal trait is coming out. >:O

Oh, Kristi . . . I'm sorry, dear.

Let's just go home.

Or we can go to Roger's birthday party.


((And then he went and aged up a second time . . . so now he's a whole life stage older than he's supposed to be. -_-))



Why not?

Yep. I said screw it and had them try for baby. She's gonna be young forever -- half-planning for her to have more kids than Eibhlin did, just 'cause.

One more redheaded baby, I guess.

Tiny baby bump!

Telling Cayla. (Who is very pleased, let me say.)

And can you guess whose birthday it is?

But before Cayla blows out the candles . . .

You, sir, are moving in, so you can do the proposing.

Build it up with a couple flirts . . .



 .. . . . But they can't actually get married. The game thinks he was hired on for something? Apparently I need to dismiss him before a wedding can happen?

I'm confused?

Y'know what. Imma move him out real quick, then invite him over, and try again. If they can't get married, well. Whoops.


. . . Nope. Can't marry him. -_-

So we start the break up process. Just a little argument, here.

Jeez. Looks like it got serious.

((And yes, the walls are partially down. She takes after her mother and her grandmother -- likes to talk to love interests through a closed door.))

Ask to just be friends.

She's carrying his child, she wants to stay friendly if they can.

Cayla finally blows out her candles!

You are a lovely old woman, dear.

Hey, pretty boy, Kristi broke up with you. Please leave.


She told him her big news. :D

And the sat . . . inside him?


Would you two like to help, maybe? Cayla's not as young as she used to be!

Writing away~

I wish my writing came as easily to me as it does to Sims.

Got a little set up for the baby. <3

Meditation, since she can't do yoga.

Cayla was invited out for dinner by Mckenzie. Figured I'd bring Arvin along, make it a Generation Two Thing (TM).


Red wine and breakfast food.


Oh, no. Food poisoning!

We got nearly 300 simoleans to keep quiet about it, though! XP

We've got over 50k, but sure, we'll take your hush money.

Third trimester! Lookit that belly!

More writing! SHe's finishing books, y'all!

We invited boyfriend #3 around.

Wow, I even made an effort to remember his name this time. It starts with an M. Mat-something. Crap.

Pretty blond man with terrible fashion sense.

I mean, they woohooed the same day she tried for baby with Roger, so in the real world, it could be his baby.

Then I queued up some romantic interaction and . . . .


. . . Nope. Can't marry him, either.

Grrrr. What is this glitch!?

They can't get married, but they can still woohoo. ;)

She's not doing the groaning and clutching her belly thing, but she is in labor.

She just looks kinda sad.

Oh. There it is!

Ooh, her doctor is very pretty. Sorry I didn't get a picture.

She does not have the anxious labor face the last two MacDermott women had. She just looks uncomfortable.

Oh, no.

Oh, no oh no.

I am not prepared.

I swear I have no fertility traits on the lot or applied to any Sims.

Meet the twins: Anabelle and Tyler! (Both are girls, and that is a very hastily built "nursery" for them.)

I'm super grateful Cayla's still alive for the moment. Cannot imagine doing twins with a single parent. Oh, god.

Grateful hug out in the living room from Kristi because oh god we're so unprepared.

She loves her girls, though.

Although, the route the game took with these names -- we gotta go opposites if we can. Please let the trait generator cooperate with me here.

. . . I keep forgetting your Teen trait was Childish.

This is adorable.

And I am paranoid, thanks to this 'no one can get married' glitch. I've had more than enough baby portraits stop changing color with their moods, and I am not risking that right now. One glitch at a time.

Kristi seems happy, though. Even with completely unexpected multiples.

I wanna get her pregnant soon, with Mr. Terrible Fashion Sense, since he's her current fiancé, I just don't know how soon.

ALSO. Since no one can get married at the moment, I think what I'm gonna do is this:

Get the six kisses from six Sims, get engaged to at least 2 Sims, and get pregnant by each fiancé at least once. Then go to 'just friends'.

If the marriage thing gets fixed before Generation Four begins, then maybe I'll go for the 2 divorces.

For now, though, this will work, and I'm gonna end this post here.

Next time: the twins will age up, Kristi will probably get pregnant again, and hopefully more kisses. Probably not those dates, though. Because oof.

Her very pretty doctor will probably be her next goal. (And I swear I will eventually write down the blond dude's name.)

So I will see you all next time!

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