Sunday, August 13, 2017

2.04: The Family of the Arts


So it's after midnight, but only a few hours after my last post when I'm starting this. Just 'cause.

Last time: A glitch that brought a dead Sim back to life and de-aged little Kristi after her child birthday.

This time: Cayla will be an Adult this post! (Spoiler alert: no she won't.)

Let's get to it!

Annd as soon as I hit play . . .

Eibhlin dies again.


Really, Carmelo? That's cold.

Here comes Kristi to make me super sad again, Grim not far behind her.


He chose a book this time.

Meanwhile, Carmelo grabs cake stuff.

Kristi is aging up right now.

Oh, no. He chose TV again.


Happy birthday!


Oh my god she's adorable.

Kristi MacDermott, everyone! Our sole Generation Three child!

She is a Loner who aspires to be an Artistic Prodigy.

Carmelo and Cayla got made over as well. They make for a cute little family, I think.

I also went into household management to check on the spares. Let's look at their kids!

Dominick, the elder of Arvin's sons. He's an Angelic child. (This one I made in CAS when I thought their try for baby before Arvin moved out didn't work. Then I glanced at their household before going into the main one with my niece and there was a baby!)

This is Marquis, and he's Wild.

And Isla, who I will admit to creating just before taking the picture. She's Mckenzie's second -- and probably last -- daughter, and is Silly.

If there's any curiosity, Amelia was an Inquisitive toddler, and her child trait is Squeamish. I record all of this right next to the main household's info, so updates should be constant. XP

Anyway! Cayla's family!

Kristi's room. May have gone a little overboard with the pink, but I like it!

And Carmelo goes to work in an hour, but the couple that gardens together, stays together? :P

Oh, yeah! I made up a little playroom thing in what was Eibhlin's room! The Lego table, a chess board, a drawing table, and a stereo!

You . . . are at the wrong table. That is your daughter's desk.

You look so out of place in your black and blue clothes in that pink and white room.

With her mother at her desk, Kristi is left to journal in the not so private living room/dining room/kitchen area.

Gaining creative skill! And fun! We're getting into that 'everyone is always super tense' stage.

Home from school and immediately to the TV.

I mean, she did apparently throw up in the hallway between classes, so she can slack a little.

Home from work and straight to napping on the couch.

Promotion! Level 8!

I'm so proud. Never topped either branch of the Entertainer career before.

She still looks very out of place in her daughter's room.

Family dinner! Look how cute they are!

Annd I think that makes for a good post for now -- since I just posted the last one about 24 hours ago. XP

Next time: Cayla's birthday for sure -- only like, 1 day away! Possibly Carmelo and Kristi's birthdays! More spare updates!

That's all for now! Talk to ya later!

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