Sunday, August 27, 2017

2.07: Grim's Third Visit

Hello, hello!

So, I lied. This post is not coming out before the toddler pack -- once again, I didn't get home 'till around 9 pm and still had to be at work at stupid thirty in the morning, so. Oops.

I need one of those stand up desks. I never thought I'd complain about sitting all day, but here I am, complaining about sitting all day.

As usual, though, you're not here for the Simmer! You're here for the Sims! The MacDermott family, to be specific!

Last time: Kristi and Carmelo aged up into a Teen and an Elder, respectively, Eibhlin's ghost got stuck one step off the lot (graves have since been moved to the side of he house, so it shouldn't happen again), and there was a house rebuild. I did, in fact, say 'screw it I hit 50k' and decided that was a met goal for Cayla's generation.

This time . . . Let's find out!

Immediately, I spent more of their money. There aren't any toddlers in the house to use the new pack on, but there's plenty I can set up right now anyways. So a little playground and outdoor dining.

It's so colorful!

And Kristi's room got a double bed -- and one of those awesome pillow piles to sit on in the corner, there.

Teens were walking by the house, so of course I made her run outside to greet them.

She's the romance Sim, she has to know everyone. All the flirts and things.

Cayla's supposed to master charisma along with getting to the top of her career. It's long past time to really get to work on that.

In uniform.

(I have her quit this job a few days into it. She was just so miserable -- always stressed and tired, her homework wasn't getting done, let alone getting to flirt with anyone.)

Don't be fooled by this smile. She's pissed.

LEVEL 10!!!

Cayla is at the top of her career!

Goal: met. :D

Oh, god.

Don't start a fire. Don't start a fire don't start a fire don't start a fire.

Ten seconds later . . .
Why do you keep cooking?? Eat your hamburgers, you brat!

And then she walked away from what she was making here to go to school -_-

Cayla, your daughter is a Mess.

Eibhlin! Hi! :D

This is Roger, a very cute boy she met at school.

They're cute. Boyfriend number 1 for her teen years -- just over a week away from her age up!

. . . I will feel bad when they have to break up. They are very cute.

Kristi has finally met her little niece! How cute.

They both rolled a woohoo wish, so.


She got this project ages ago, and her work on it has been very sporadic because she's in a permanent bad mood. Oops.

Playin' hooky with the boyfriend.

He's such a bad influence. She's never gonna get to be an A student.

Mckenzie! Hi!

Why do you always look so angry??

Dancin' with a mannequin, because our fun is low~

This is Maverick. Another boy from school. Not entirely sure what he's wearing, but he's pretty cute.

. . . I was trying to get a picture of them sitting together, but Miss Blue Hair here had to step in.

They don't actually need a chaperone, but thank you. -_-

Back at home, Dayton bonds with his granddaughter and son-in-law. <3

More cooking. Whhhyyyyyyy. There is food in the fridge from your mother, who is a much more proficient cook. ._.

And then cute flirts with Maverick.

She looks so smug.



Annd boyfriend number 2! There's a generation three goal, met!

Father daughter bonding in the garden.

I'm gonna miss him when he's gone.

Working on that charisma!

Apple pie!

Here's that project. She finally finished it.

I got the first of the notifications that his life is coming to an end. So he got a bubble bath after a long work day.

Maybe a vacation is in order for Cayla and Carmelo? Maybe after Kristi's aged up?

One last post for generation two. I think that's what I'll do. Kristi's birthday, and then send the lovebirds off to Granite Falls for a couple days. Assuming Carmelo lives long enough.

We got invited to Mckenzie's house again! And she's home this time! (Not for long, though. She went to work at 5.)

The original intention was to get a picture with Mckenzie, but she left for work. So, Amelia it is!


Then we went to Arvin's place, and his boys aged up! They're incredibly attractive Sims, I think.

Dominick, our Cheerful Geek.

Marquis, the Active Bookworm.

They're so pretty I almost wish I'd made Arvin heir. His and Angel's genes meshed so well.

Then I was placing some restaurants around town and my game crashed . . . and I procrastinated opening it up again because I was abruptly very paranoid I hadn't saved before going into manage worlds.

Annd the creepy window stalking possibility shows itself.

Oh no.

He just entered his sparkly bar! Noooooo!

Oh no now I'm sad. :(((

Okay this picture doesn't show it, but Cayla's grinning here.

Woman! That is your husband on the ground!

That's better.


Oh, dear. More witnesses.

((She's looking back like 'this bitch, dying in the middle of the sidewalk'.))

Hey, Grim. 

Quick, Cayla, go plead!

Wait, no!

She had to go to work, nooooooo.


And Kristi's home, finally an A student.

. . . And in her old uniform. Girl, you've not worked there in ages. What's with you and changing clothes when you get an A?

She was about to go to bed, but then boyfriend #1 asked her out to dinner. How could she say no? She was hungry, anyway.

And then that turned out to be a mess ((note to self, download a different restaurant to replace that one, holy crap)) -- and she was out wayyyy past curfew.

Her third time passing out at the restaurant. She wouldn't sit to eat so she could come home. -_-

And then it was her birthday!

So the next post will be the first Generation Three post. Maybe a couple dates, for that optional goal of 10 gold ones. Probably lots of kissing different Sims, for that 'kiss 6 Sims' goal. Maybe an elopement? Probably at least woohoo. ;)

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