Tuesday, August 22, 2017

2.06: Glitchy Ghost


Last time: Kristi and Carmelo were adorable, Cayla aged up, and the ghosts came out to play. Also, lots of promotions for Cayla. :D

This time: birthdays! Carmelo and Kristi's birthdays are literally one day apart, so I'm just gonna age them up together. She's an A student, has mastered one child skill, she's good to go.

Let's get into it, yeah?

Immediately I go to look at Mckenzie's family and -- look! Amelia's a teen!

She's gorgeous, and her teen trait is Outgoing. (I love how like, none of the kids have repeating traits. No two kids share a trait yet. It's awesome. So much personality.)

And then I went and rebuilt the house.

A builder I am not, I admit. But I kinda like it.

And yes, they totally have rainbow doors because I just noticed them and am in love.

Homework at her new desk. 

God her room needs clutter.

Hmm . . . I might redo the kitchen. It looks so impersonal. So much untouched white.

Oh, and you can see the cowplant skeleton through the window.


(I didn't actually notice that when I took this picture. I might have been prepping for adorable family breakfast shot.)

He's investigating his brother in law. Found out he's Evil.

Did not keep him from playing video games with him later, though.

Oh, no.

Glitchy ghost.

Nooo, Eibhlin. Don't do this to me.

She's mastered piano!

I'm so proud! Now just to skill up guitar and that last promotion is hers! :D

Carmelo works on his charisma while Cayla works and Kristi sleeps.

. . . She either peed or cried enough for a puddle to form. Dammit, Eibhlin.

I was hoping to catch her stink-eye at the camera, but. Nope. Not meant to be.

Really, Kristi? Really.

You literally age up in like, two hours. Get out of the damn bear suit.

I hate this phase.


Annd she's changed bear suits. ._.

Finished cake!

. . . Okay. Not gonna lie, the kids sitting in the bear suit is kind of adorable.



Ahhh she looks amazing.

Her Teen trait is Childish, and per the rules of the challenge, her aspiration is Serial Romantic.

She's so pretty. And I love this hair, just sayin'.

Oh, shoot. Nightlight. Don't actually need that anymore. Not for at least one more life stage.

Dammit. Will just restarting the game work? Or will I have to like, send her to the Netherworld/delete her grave?

I will be super sad if it's the latter. I don't wanna send Eibhlin away permanently.

Okay, wow. Kristi gained gardening skill super quick. all she did was spray the plants for bugs and she got to level 3. Criminy.

Ooh, urban legend. That's an interesting interaction.

Also, her wardrobe looks like the most comfortable wardrobe. Just. Comfy sweaters and loose crop tops and sweatpants and sneakers.

I would live in clothes like that if my job didn't have a dress code. So comfy.

Yoga~ Because she's tense as hell and rolled the wish.

And it's impossible to show in a picture until she puts on the uniform, but she just got herself a part-time job. She's a barista now, since my Sims wake up stupid early all the time.

((And partway through this I have to yell because I just saw the Cats and Dogs trailer and I'M SO EXCITED IT'S SO CUTE))

((And then I discovered the toddler pack that comes out in two days and IT WILL BE MINE. I have been dying for more toddler stuff. So excited for new hairs and clothes.))

((Just in time for Kristi's generation, too! Aaahhh it's perfect!))

And actually I think I'm gonna end this post here. I was gonna play when I got home from work today, but I didn't actually get home until like, 8 pm and I really do need to go to bed early because my shift is at stupid thirty in the morning, but I'll probably play and post tomorrow night? At least one before the toddler pack comes out, anyway.

So! Next time: I'll probably play until Kristi's YA birthday, where it will finally become Generation Three, so there will be a lot of Teenage romantic shenanigans, and probably more cousin updates.

And, of course, I'll still be dying over the cuteness from these two trailers until they're both out and installed on my computer -- you don't understand just how excited for these packs I am, y'all. The caps lock and italics just don't even begin to cover it.

Until tomorrow, everyone!

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