Friday, September 1, 2017

3.02: Unapologetic Twin Spam


So, last time Kristi tried to marry two different dudes, but there was a glitch. So now she's engaged to one dude, dating another dude, and Just Friends with another dude. She had twin girls, and Cayla aged up into Elder.

Was that everything? I think so.

This time: Twin bithdays! Probably pregnant Kristi! And blond dude's name, hopefully!

Let's get to it.

Do . . . do you guys wanna maybe close the fridge door?

Oh, yeah. I bought this for them a while back. Because they never leave the lot and one of my niece's households has it and I think it's cool.

Gardening while the twins are sleeping.

Getting her web browsing in where she can.

Mother daughter photo!

Because cute. I wish I'd thought to do this when Eibhlin was alive.

Hey, it's a birthday!

Age up cuddle and . . .

. . . Anabelle's invisible.

What did I say, game? One glitch at a time!

Oh my god Tyler you're cute even as the cradle infant.

She is not invisible!

Into CAS . . .

Anabelle! She is an Angelic toddler.

Tyler, then, is Independent.

How cute are they?

And the their redone room.

A house rebuild is definitely in order. It will happen, eventually.

And a new nursery. With a single bed for whoever is taking care of the babies to nap in.

From here on down this post is mostly toddler spam. I am not very sorry, these girls are adorable.

Ana aged up hungry and a little sleepy, Ty was just sleepy. Sending them to the couch to nap was just to get them out of that little room so I could furnish it properly.

Such a good mom.

Let's invite that pretty doctor over. Blondie (whose name I have learned is Masato!) is your next baby daddy, but pretty doctor can be next kiss.

Oh, lord. Why are you dressed like that.

Miles Patel, y'all. Please agree that he is pretty.

Boyfriend #4! (Or would it be 3 now, since Roger is just a friend now?) Also kiss 4/6!

Oh, hey, Roger.

Wanna quit creepin' in the tree? Cayla's tryin' to garden.


Woohoo. She has Masato to make a kid or two with before this guy can add his genes to the pool.

D'aww. She looks so pleased to be held by her daddy.

This is also to see if I can see any of his features in his kids. Maybe the nose? His mouth, I'm pretty sure. Eyes are hard to tell.

Makes me wish I'd kept pictures of Kristi/Cayla as toddlers to compare.

Who is this person carrying me around?

Hahaha. She looks a little worried.

Oh, you're useful to have around. Kristi needs to catch up on her sleep. Thank you, Roger!


Chatting quietly with each other and he keeps looking at Ana. It's very cute.

You can . . . go home, you know. I appreciate the help.

Okay, now you're just trying to make me feel bad for moving you in and moving you out. Go home.

((Spoiler: he doesn't go home on his own.))


Masato . . . what are you doing?

I invited you over for flirts.

This is awesome. I love it a lot.

Trying for baby. Because I am impatient!

I love this so, so much.


Like I said, almost entirely twin spam. Because they're super cute.

I love the ball pit.

Bath time!

By now y'all know what I wanna say here, right? Because I can't think of any other adjective to describe toddlers ever.

Ooh, steak. Delicious.

Someone had a nightmare. Good thing Mommy was already awake.

What are you so embarrassed about, Carmelo?

. . . I thought I took more pictures of Roger than I did.

Basically, he hung out at the house for almost a week. I was about to move them from the lot to see if that would make him go home. Instead, though, I just went to his household in manage worlds and moved him into a new one. That fixed it.

This was to show the lot finally Roger-free.

Super cuteeeeeeee.

Resized the selfies in buy mode so they could actually be seen.

Heyyyy, look who's pregnant!

First time in ages I've not used a pregnancy test. Gave her a couple extra days of no baby bump. XP

With that confirmed, I had Cayla drink a youth potion. Kristi is gonna need the help with twins and another potential set, and I don't wanna move in a boyfriend.

This playground set is very possibly my favorite thing in the game so far. (I fully expect the pets to . . . crap I knew that word thirty seconds ago where'd it go . . . SURPASS. I expect pets to surpass it when the EP comes out.)

And I'm gonna end this one on this cuteness.

Next time: A birth, the twins will probably age up, and Kristi might get pregnant for a third time. Because that pretty doctor, man. Oh, and she'll be becoming 'just friends' with Masato, too.

For now, I'll talk to you all later! :D

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