Tuesday, September 5, 2017

3.03: Hugs All 'Round!

Hi! Welcome back! This is gonna be a fun post.

Last time: the twins aged up into Toddlers, Cayla drank a youth potion, and Kristi got herself pregnant again. By Masato, who I'm pretty sure is a vampire, now that I think about it. (AKA, my niece wanted to make a vampire family to play in her save, and his floating in my doorway looks a lot like their dark meditation.) Which, I mean. Cool, but also. Crap.

I didn't want vampire kids.

But, whatever.

Today, the twins should be aging up, and Kristi should be giving birth. Let's go see!

Uh, sir? What are you wearing?

Kristi made cheese eyeballs.

Aahhhhh I am so in love with the play pretend interaction. So cute.

Hey, Masato! We're gonna become just friends, but first we're gonna get Kristi's fun up.

Chat chat.

I. . . don't think it would go so smoothly in reality. Woohoo then 'oh, yeah, can we just be friends and quit this whole thing now?' ten seconds later. XP

This is Myles. He glows. O_O

He tried to use the yoga mat after she enthused about wellness stuff

5/6! One more kiss!

Such a cute little family.

Toddler hugs are so cuteeee! Look at these girls!

Family dinner, but of course one of the girls had to take her plate into the bedroom.

Double baths! But it took so long for Cayla to sort herself out that by the time she got there, Kristi was done.

Autonomous affection is my favorite affection.

Probably one of my favorite pictures this post. It looks like they're reading together!

So. Cute.

This is Parker. Hopefully she'll be our sixth kiss.

Why is this a thing all guests do? I mean, I appreciate it, but why?

Also, for some reason the first kiss interaction never came up, so I guess Parker is not kiss 6/6. Damn. She's cute, too.

So I caved a bit and hired a gardener, but since it's Friday, they're not gonna come 'till Monday morning, and I'm not gonna let the plants die while I wait.

Man, put the doll down just as I snapped the picture.

Heyyy, once again she's not doing the clutching and yelling thing, but she's in labor again!

The doctor was panicking for a second, too.

If he wasn't the one that delivered the twins, I'd be concerned.

There it is. Why do you always wait until after you've peed at the hospital to show pain?

Her belly hasn't gone down yet, shhhh.

It's a boy!

Welcome to the family, Micah!

The birth certificates. Hopefully I don't delete these ones.

Sent them into the nursery to meet their brother. Ana is angry and Ty is sad.

Cayla does some potty training while Kristi does yoga.

EIBHLIN!!! It has been a while. Carmelo and Dayton come around far more often than she does.

Talk to your grandmother, Kristi.

She is very out of time, but she looks like she's having fun, so.

D'aww. I'm so glad I had you drink that youth potion.

She's already halfway through the Elder stage again, so it's likely she wouldn't have lived to see grandbaby #3 without it. And there's no way Kristi would've been able to take care of the twins and this one without her.

. . . Well. I guess your aunt (? Or was it Cayla Dayton did this with? I don't remember) turned out okay. Just don't drop her, okay?


Oh, oh. Guess what day it is?

*Gets another notification*

Jesus. It's ALL the kids' birthdays. That could not have been planned any better.


Is it too early to declare an heir? Just because he's our first non-redhead.

Probably. She might have more kids yet.

So cute~

Little Micah. He's a Fussy little thing.

Adorable, though.

Anabelle. She rolled Goofball and wants to be a Social Butterfly.

Tyler. She's Outgoing, and also wants to be a Social Butterfly.

These girls are super cute.

This is Holly. She's cute.

 When . . . when did you get here? And who let you in?

Child. -_-

Room makeovers!

Eventually I'll maybe do a whole new build . . .

Holly, you brat! Ty's off to the side cleaning up her mess and you start making your own. This ain't your house!


. . . You're totally doing what Roger did, aren't you? 'Cause I can't ask you to leave or anything.

Into household management and moving him into Willow Creek . . . Yayy he's not at the house anymore.

So! Think Imma end it here for the night. I realized around the time of the birthdays that gen 4 is turning out like gen 2 -- all these girls and one little boy. XP Don't know whether to have Kristi stop at Micah just because of that or have one or two more to see if Micah will get another brother.

Next time: More babies? Hopefully kiss #6. Maybe the twins' birthday? Possibly Kristi getting an out of house job? (Probably not. She's making pretty good money from book royalties, and she's sitting on a relatively large fortune from the first two generations.)

Anyway, that's all for now!

See you later!

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