Wednesday, September 20, 2017

3.04: Laggy Spa Day

Hello, hello!

So, last actual post, Micah was born and aged up with his sisters, his father tried to move in without being an actual family member . . . and right before this one, there was a house rebuild!

This time . . . maybe Kristi's sixth kiss? Another pregnancy? Let's find out!

First, though, lookit their photos!

They're adorable. Ana's the one in the dress, Ty's the one in the skirt.

I probably should have waited until at least a couple of her needs were solved -- she's pouting because she's uncomfortable.

My absolute favorite pose for these photos. Eventually she'll get a forward-facing photo. Maybe.
This family is stunning. Now if only toddlers could get in on these, too. Can you imagine the adorable sibling shots? Or parents holding their babies? And grandparents!

Anyway. The actual post, now . . .

Nope, I lied. Spare babies first, because I decided I want to have a thousand MacDermotts running around.

((Not really. Most likely I'll accidentally forget about gen 2 spares while checking on gen 4 spares.))

This is Sheila, Amelia's daughter. She's Angelic.

And Pierce, Marquis' son. He is Inquisitive.

Now into the actual post!

Good morning, Kristi!

Y'know what? Cayla's getting older and she's not getting another youth potion . . .

Spa day!

. . . Dear god. It's so laggy in here. Note to self, check into placing a new spa.

Massage, while Cayla "does yoga". ((Seriously, is it just this lot or is it a common spa experience to gain wellness skill while just standing on the mat doing nothing? Yoga works on the home lot!))

Sent her over for a foot massage. How nice.

Ayyy! 6/6 kisses! That's pretty much every goal for Kristi's generation done. ((I am counting those engagements as marriages, since the marriage option is currently unavailable, to my knowledge.))

So. Laggy.

Go home, both of you.

Uhh. Wanna, maybe, actually hold your son?

*resets Micah and Kristi*

Much better.

I actually totally forgot they had a hot tub. Cool.

Not my first choice for napping, to be honest. But then, Sims don't have to worry about passing out except from exhaustion, do they?

Ahh. Thank god for the wabbit tablet. Micah is a little pain in the rear, but this keeps him cheerful enough.

School projects!

And went ahead and let Cayla retire. She's entering her sparkly days, and is having a hard time staying awake as late as she needs to for work.

Kristi, meanwhile, is a writing machine!

Like, I know writing is a later generation, but Kristi's making pretty good money.

One of the twins came down the stairs all sad, and this is the reason.

Who broke the dollhouse?

Thank you, Cayla. You can go back to sleep now.

Annd a few real life days later . . .

The girls are B students! I took a moment or two longer than usual to pause for their picture, so Ty's walking away, but she's still in the shot, so. :P

Both the girls working on getting one last skill point in one skill each so they can get an A before they age up in eight days.

Annd my game is being super slow for some reason, so it's shut down again and not opened for a few more days.

Not gonna lie, this family has suddenly gotten a little boring -- though I might just feel that way because I don't usually hear much about new packs until they're only days or weeks from coming out, so having to wait entire months for Pets is bumming me out. XP And the sudden super slowness is not helping.

But since it feels so boring, a lot of my Sims time is spent in CAS, adding new people to the game just 'cause. (AKA, Other OCs of mine that aren't necessarily meant to be used for mates and mostly due to that forum I linked to in the new build post.)

BUT. MacDermotts. I will continue playing them, and I will finish at least one Sims 4 challenge/legacy thing. I'll just also be adding Sim versions of my OCs and making extra generations of some premades just because.

So back into the game I go.

How cute are they?

Wait wait wait.

I am NOT ready.


Plead! Plead! Plead like your life depends on it!

Noooo, Grim, you dick. :(

She . . . did not get the moodlet, so. Comfort comfort.

((Holy crap. The answer to Fussy toddlers. Comfort once and all sad moodlets disappear. O_O))


The graves. :( And Micah on the tablet.

That's . . . kind of an odd place to do your homework, isn't it? Don't your knees hurt?

Those chairs are probably only marginally more comfortable, but there.

And both girls are going through a clingy phase, but still get tense when talking to Kristi. So I guess it was Cayla they were attached to? Even though they both have a higher relationship with their mother than they did their grandmother?

Saw a moodlet I'd never seen before and -- Tyler, you brat.

Thank you, Carmelo, for not haunting one of the plumbing objects, for once. ((So. Many. Repairs. I hate ghosts so much sometimes.))

THANK YOU. Feed the brat.

I cannot wait for his birthday.

Speaking of which . . . :D

-_- Sorry, Ana. I would've made Tyler fix it, but that's not a thing that can be done.

Y'know what, Ty? Since you messed it up, you can help fix it.

((She did get to finish hers first, though.))

Happy birthdayyyyyy toooooo youuuuuuuuu!

He's a smirky little thing!

He rolled the Insane trait, and wants to be an Artistic Prodigy.

This is cute. I like it.

Gave Cayla's room a minor makeover to better suit a child. ((Later went in and got him a nightlight, and then put a bunch of artwork and posters around the house/in the bedrooms.))

Oh, wow. Haven't seen this one before. Nice!

Ty's little volcano back there, and Ana's in the front.

I love the different ways these projects can come out.

They have a basketball hoop and haven't used it yet. Got the kids around to practice dribbling.

Homework/extra credit! :D

Oh, look! It's one of those OCs! This is Rasia, one that a friend and I worked on together a while back. Hopefully I'll get to see the others from that story around, too. ((Her household is just her, and called 'The Token Human', which will make much more sense if/when the others are talked about.))

Masato invited us over for a birthday party!

D'awww. That's Lyric, who I made in CAs with I believe Masato and . . . crap I forget her name, but it's the woman in the blue top.

She's adorable.

The caterer seems to have made everything except cake.

Gardening pic! Please excuse how dead those plants look. I have gotten neglectful -- it's been three generations! My gardens usually don't even last one because I am terrible at it!

The girls are A students! :D

And they all got projects.

This cutie is Esmerelda. She was walking by the house, so I sent Micah over to start talking to her. Here's hoping they're at least kind of close in age. ((As in, she's not gonna age up two days from now, because that would suck.))

Oh, you're my favorite houseguest. Thank you!

. . . . . . . . I take it back. Go home.

Ana finished her project, with Kristi's help, so she's off to help Micah while Kristi helps Ty.

Don't wake the llama!

These kids are really good at this game, considering this is the first time any of them have so much as looked at it.

Now I wanna play Jenga.

And I think I'm gonna end this part here. It's been in progress for ages and god I want pets.

Next time: The twins will age up! Kristi might age up? I haven't been paying attention to her panel, whoops. Gardening. Uh . . . god, there is pretty much nothing happening in this family's save. A lot of traveling, just for the hell of it. ((AKA, I downloaded more public lots from the gallery and wanna show them off because they're awesome.))

So, that's all for tonight! See you later!

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